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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: April 18, 2015      Views: 52

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Currently reviewing my objects in life, so writing is taking a back seat, it's kicked into the long grass, it's having a break, it's finding some space, it's looking for stronger roots, it's thinking up a new tune to pl - more...

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A synaesthetic poem about Spring.
"Foam and anger" by RichardFann

Foam and anger

A dog barks. I look up.

Four am. Still dark. No, it’s only three.

Lie back. Cannot sleep.

A thrush tweets off, or is it a blackbird?

Sheepishly chirruping,

Embarrassingly obsequious.

Then other joins in, and then a choir starts up.

Each voice different and distinct.

But no sleep.

Get up. Do press ups and star jumps

To blow winter out of my jack pumping muscles,

Turning my pallid grey into active red.

The window opens and drags in

the pungent scent of hawthorn leaves uncurling.

In the mirror I see the cartoon character

Who’ll play in today’s drama. Televised.

 But no acting required.

Then in the kitchen the smell of bacon,

And the dawning light.

My sight slips towards the back yard

A discarded pallet, smashed and splintered,

Carefully holds a nest,

Constructed of moss, strands of hair,

and dead bespeckled leaves.

A light weight cup, shaped to hold a robin and her brood,

Like a warm hand.

They have a simple vision.

Dedicated and summated into a single month.

To make the next generation.

Preparations. My perspirations.

The result of six months of devotions.

Two smooth hulls and

Sixteen giants

Are still.

The mud banks have a tang of hibiscus.

Our boat bobs on the current.

A seagull cry slices the sky.

A man shouts out
“Are you ready ... GO!”

The water boils and foams with ferocity.

Two angry leviathan interlock.

It’s started.

The Boat Race.



Author Notes
The task is for me to write a poem about Spring using synaesthesia,
which you can look up.

This is my homework from the Ashby writers' workshop this week.

Please advise me if this is better
then the next poem, called Unexpected Encounter.

You see I have done two poems,
but must choose only one.



Thanks for the robin chicks pic.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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