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 Category:  Spiritual Non-Fiction
  Posted: August 25, 2015      Views: 45
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I do not always have the mind to concentrate for as much as I would like so I tend to read in spates. I like to write and discuss theology with my friends and I suppose this is the influence for the spiritual dimension to my own poetry.

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Chapter 4 of the book Hail: The King of the Jews
Expounding ...
"Job Chapter 41" by Bicpen

(Of God's great power)

The creature before us is of a most fierce and uncontrollable force. In its temperament the beast is beyond grace or common decency. The animal is of a great stature, mightier than anything created whether power or principality. Driven by sorrow he pursues alone able to turn it into joy. His reputation is as an unbearable tyrant, unrivalled and persistent. Every Kingdom knows of him. The question asked of us is, "will you make a covenant with this predator?" Leviathan is his name. It is a metaphor for Satan, the great oppressor of the children of Adam.

The question is asked early in the chapter of each of us, "who will stir him up and stand before him?" This is the challenge. The intervention to remind us of God`s capacity is found in the next intriguing statement, "who then is able to stand before me?" This implies God is a jealous God. He searches each individual heart of man to find his covenant. In the heart and soul of man sin is the fire breathed from the beast. This fire burns rampant ruling and governing man in his essential being. Sin is the breath of Satan, the fire of Leviathan, and the whisper of Hell calling us to sleep in returning thanks to God for all he has given us.

Pride is a great sin, perhaps one of the greatest. It was this pride which brought the fall of glorious Lucifer from Heaven`s Glory. Pride robs God of his deity, his position, and his worship. Pride dethrones God. Like Leviathan it wreaks havoc stealing the very mantle of God`s Holiness, his glory, for which he is most jealous. Man through pride exalts himself beyond his capacity, even beyond his consciousness, making himself a God. Through pride man robs with one hand the house of Heaven and with the other hand stokes the fire of Hell, such is the breath of Leviathan.

One such symbol of a covenant being agreed and participated in was the kiss. Pride kisses Leviathan. The lips made to praise God bears the breath of the beast intoxicating and disturbing the normality of a perfect creation. The lips seal the providence of a lasting eternal damnation whereby no covenant exists in love. The lips will scream of the betrayal of God in his great Holiness, not even pride will fill their hearts. The empty shell of a broken word spoken by pride will tear the soul from its saviour. Hence, the emphasis on the wailing and gnashing of teeth as these are the instruments that spoke the greatest blasphemy.

A warning is given to remind us of the might of power mixed with pride, He, Leviathan, Satan, The Devil, beholdeth all high things. His eyes are like his heart- empty- always filled with other things rather than truth. He is a king over all the children of pride. Notice he is a king, a ruler, a governor, a president, and what are we, we are children. We are but babes, wrapped in swaddling clothes tossed to the fire of Leviathan`s breath. Notice, it is his lips that rule the hearts of sin, and his lips breathe the pride of our fall. Is this not a covenant bond sealed, such is the damnation of Hell and all that befall it.

The book continues with Psalm 3. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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