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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: December 26, 2015      Views: 379

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I write short stories, poems, and essays.

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of sexual content.
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Walker wants a resolution to a confusing friendship.
"Super Stud" by pbomar1115

Walker’s friend Jeffery has a habit of stomping him and the passing of time did not change that. After the internship to gain experience as an accountant in New Jersey, the company transfers him back to Dallas, home to work. Walker is expecting to report to work today.

“Your breakfast is on the stove, Walker,” his mother says. “be sure to clean up after your mess in the bathroom”

After showering, Walker is brushing his teeth. The faucet is running. She always opens the door to his bedroom to hear him getting ready. He hates her morning pattern. Listening to K-107.5 puts him in a good mood.

“Don’t leave any clothes lying on the floor; spread the covers on your bed.” She reminds him. “ Oh, yeah. That boy you brought home from school is on trial.”

Walker hates hearing all her idle jabber. He reaches to turn the volume on the radio up to block her out but he pauses and thinks. What boy? I never bring friends here. 

He ignores the radio; bolts to the kitchen. “What did you say?” As he gasps, the toothbrush is still in one hand, he wipes paste from his mouth with the other.

“You know that boy,” as she reaches for a dish in the cabinet, ” the one with those sparkly eyes you brought home during elementary school.”

After returning to his room, he shuts the door, throws his hands up saying, “I give up.”

Walker's mother never forgets. She remembers all his experiences. She can tell Walker the very day and what went with those quirky feeling she has about some people. When Walker sees her scanning Jeff, Walker pressing to leave her presence never letting him return. Walker doesn't think his mother’s feeling is always right. Besides, his personal knowledge to a once close friend outweighs her feelings. His contrasting lifestyle with Jeff’s can't stay as it is. Walker can’t have a fresh start without settling the tie with Jeff.  

Instead of reporting to the new job, Walker shows up in the courtroom. Seeing Jeff cross the floor in shackles strains the allegiance to him and the fundamental doctrine of righteousness. Walker believes Jeff can alter his ways if the conditions for good representation is favorable. 

Walker sits on the other side where Mrs. Taylor is sitting behind Jeff and his lawyer. She leans across to the ears of Jeff and the lawyer flooding it with swear words. 

At his seat, Walker gazes in Jeff’s direction hoping to make eye contact. Waiting for this judgment for three months are two uptight seniors.

They're sitting next to Walker. One asks, “You know what that son of a bitch did?”

Widening his eyes to the senior’s emotional question Walker replies, “Ha. I know he did a bad thing.”

“What! That son of bitch kicks the door down to my neighbor’s house.”

“No, sir. I didn’t know that.”

“That ain’t all, boy. He beat up an old man, my buddy. He takes the man's honor in front of his wife. Can you believe that shit? Then he takes watches and the woman’s jewelry. Yeah. I hope the judge burns the son of a bitch.”

Walker attempts closing his thought to all the bad about his friend. He can’t decide how he feels about Jeff's troubling actions. He takes another glance over to Jeff hoping to see if something of the once 10-year-old remains. The manly kid who rescues Walker taking his school era from hell to heaven. Because Jeff's childhood is unrecoverable, Walker feels deep regret.

Walker remembers his past feeling arises from the strange and unusual bond between Jeff and his mother. Mrs. Taylor, a woman with a slight mustache, is bold and loud but she has a figure like a goddess; however, she has a nose, a real “Schnoz.” Now, in school, Jeff's tendency to scoff at everything and everyone is legendary. But in the company of Mrs. Taylor, he is literally ignorant. Also, Mrs. Taylor comes off as a trusting mother and advisor, a likable companion. She sells and keeps the stolen possessions of Jeff's while embellishing that Schnoz and goddess figure. In sum, she hides her scheming ways. Walker is wanting this mix-up of right and wrong to end. He feels sorry for Jeff. Walker believes his own mother's quirky feelings are off when Jeff' confesses to him that he wishes he is part of their family, information Walker's mother doesn’t know.

A side door in the front of the courtroom nearest the judge's perch opens.

Mrs. Taylor goes berserk, hollering insistently, “My baby." Calming her down demands another court officer. After the judge obtains control of Mrs. Taylor, Jeff peeks around at her. When he did that, Walker and Jeff’s eyes meet.

Walker watches Jeff's brows meet, squinting eyes peering at him. He watches Jeff straightened in his seat, mulling over to who he sees. A familiar reaction Walker learns from their rare close fellowship. The wavering smile Jeff has slowly come up snapping his head in Walker direction. He gazes into Jeff’s sparkling eyes. Nothing is noticeable to him. Even though his friend is older with a thick mustache over a full beard covering his face, Walker still sees that 10-year- old kid.

Jeff receives 65 years as the sentence. Walker thinking the well-to-do senior's heart attack from the unpleasant experience has a lot to do with the time given even though he lives through the trouble.

After the judge's sentencing is over, the bailiff prepares for the removal of the prisoner. Mrs. Taylor goes into hollering again but this time she wants to hug her son one last time. Walker is sure the plea to the judge will be unacceptable. Jeff's contemptible act is unforgivable.  In fact, the judge is a nasty customer at first sight. If looks can kill, this fierce-looking fellow's expressions can. But he lets her.

Jeff leans in as if to kiss Mrs. Taylor. Oddly, he opens his mouth wide, clenching down on that honker, taking the lawyer and bailiff to undo the mouth-nose bonding.

At home watching Jeff talking to a newsman, Walker recalls Jeff’s naming himself “Super Stud” in the conversation they were having after the rescue from the bully at 10 years old.

Sitting behind a prison glass window for visitors, the newsman asks, "Jeff why did you bite part of your mother’s nose off. She raises you safe from harm. Why did you do such an act?"

Jeff replies, “If that woman loves me so much, she is the first to stop me from my stealing. Why didn’t she? That is what you get for raising a bad child."

Walker cannot believe what he is hearing. Touching the base of his neck, narrowing his eyes, stuttering to himself, “Where did I go wrong, " fumbling with the remote control. Walker changes the channel. He’s upset for wasting his time, sitting in court.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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