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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: January 25, 2016      Views: 704
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I am recently retired and reside in the most beautiful area of Virginia--the Shenandoah Valley. I find beauty and inspiration in the mountains every day--it is one of my most faithful muses.

I love to write poetry and have been writing for - more...

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 38 of the book 2016
My Take on Reviewing Concerns
"Clarity" by mountainwriter49
tanka prose

How is it that one’s fond memories can surface from heart’s vault years after they were last savored?  This question keeps popping into my mind as I kiss the Goose while sitting by the fire this cold, winter’s night.  Maybe it’s the music?  The scent of burning hickory logs or the vodka settling in?  Perhaps it’s just time to recall his words of wisdom...
My drink ripples as I place my great-grandpa's fragile crystal bourbon glass upon the marble top table.  My eye catches the waves of time and I’m suddenly in the canoe with him. He smiles as he paddles us through the cypress swamp, admonishing me to keep my hands out of the water.   I protest until he reminds me that the warm summer waters are filled with snakes.  I quickly withdraw them from the water and dry them off on my pants’ legs.  Despite the wigglers, I love our canoe trips.  The swamp is so beautiful with the Spanish Moss-laden trees and cypress knees rising out of the black waters of the lake like outcroppings along the Oregon coast.  It is so wild and free…serene.
I ask,  "Papa, what does arrogant ignorance mean?"  He chuckles as he stops rowing and looks at me with a serious face.  He tells me that’s one of the worst kinds of things that can happen to a person.  I listen as he explains.  “Son,” he says in a slow, deep voice, “it means that someone lacks knowledge and is too self-righteous, or insecure, to admit it.  Therefore, such people lash out at others whose talents exceed their own.  And because they are insecure, they get all haughty and bitchy when they converse with people.  They are indeed, my son, a very sad lot in life.”
My complete attention belongs to Papa.  I trust him implicitly and know, somehow, his words of wisdom will guide me throughout my life.  He tells me such people are street-smart and can snooker a trusting soul.  I learn that this is like being out-foxed by a sly, silver-tongued lecherous beauty.  He teaches me that a strong, wise  man will never be perrylized from such inauspicious behavior.   Somehow, I understand his sage words.
He paddles us through the swamp. The ancient trees stand as sentinels of time, protecting us. I love the sounds of nature as we glide effortlessly along placid waters.  I am sated.
danger lurks
‘neath placid waters
trails must be traversed
by the virtuous poet

25 January 2016


The book continues with Freedom of Speech. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Tanka Prose is a close cousin to the Haibun. While Haibun is a terse poetic prose form ending with a haiku, tanka prose provides for more fully developed, or less terse, prose ending with a tanka.

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Kissing the Goose = drinking Grey Goose Vodka tonics
Perrylized = a word play on the word Paralyzed

Thank you for reading my poetry.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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