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 Category:  Mature Fiction
  Posted: March 29, 2016      Views: 141

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My heart is evident in my writing. I have to feel it to write it. I am most passionate about my children and grandchildren.
Always the "good" student in school, I had dreams of being a reporter. That failed when I decided to marry before graduat - more...

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of sexual content.
This work has reached the exceptional level
"Hearts Desire" by justafan

I stood watching him as he finished his morning ritual, shaving, brushing his teeth. I never tire at the sight of his back ...his strong shoulders …his tight derriere. Smiling, I liked that word.

I slipped behind him wrapping my arms around finding his chest. My fingers, playfully teasing his nipples. Laying my head against his back, turning my face, my nose teased his skin, my lips kissed the skin between his shoulder blades, and I felt his body tighten ever so slightly.

He wanted to turn and face me but no that is not what I wanted. I whispered into his skin, “Be still my love, I am exploring”. I saw his hands grip the sink. Smiling, I proceeded.

My fingernails raked out gently across his chest ...while my lips explored the shoulder blades of his back. Small light butterfly kisses.

Oh, I loved the scent of him. My hands wrapped around him completely and gave a hug …The feel of him was intoxicating.
My lips continued the exploration down his spine. While my hands held him in position, my fingers found his navel, rolling around the outside of it just to tease.

Philip had made me quiver with desire the night before and I wanted to feel his knees get weak now! It was a game to us to find new ways to keep passion flowing in our love life.

My mouth, my kisses found his tight ass, and I knew this was turning him on by the change in his breathing. My hands left his stomach to join my lips in the exploration of his behind.

I knelt behind him for greater access to my target.

Kneading the cheeks of his ass with deliberate roughness pushing them open for my tongue to gain access. The intake of breath was clearly audible as my tongue circled the opening. There was no part of this man’s being that did not excite me. Today I meant to explore them all!!

Using my thumbs I rubbed just on the outside, breathing hot air into the opening my tongue had created.

My mind wanted to see the effect I was having on him, so I told him, "Turn"…

“Just look at me ...Keep your eyes on mine, but don’t touch. Just feel, my love.”

Our eyes met and the hunger I had created and wanted was there. Oh, yes he wanted more. I was going to give him more to be sure. I smiled to myself.

I told him to spread his legs and hold on to the sink. He complied. What a gorgeous man. I don’t think he actually knew how handsome he really was. It felt like I had loved him my whole life or the idea of him…but this was the real thing and I was going to enjoy it now!!

I almost lost myself in his eyes but I was on a mission.

My hand reached up and my nails came slowly down his torso. My fingers taking little jogs to the left and the right.
My other hand lifted his sack to give me access. I licked my lips and turned my head and slip one in my mouth, sucking gently.

My fingers playing in the area just behind the sack, little circles as I sucked one ball then the other. His breathing was faster now and little moans escaped his lips. But to his credit, he did not touch me ...I smiled to myself.

My attention shifted to his manhood…Long and definitely hard, my gut clinched, thinking back to the night before when he had driven me insane with his skills.

My fingers encircled him and I looked into his eyes as my tongue flicked the tip…then circled the ridge…while my hand slid the length of him. My tongue followed my hand. Oh god, he was delicious in every way.

Back to the head and my mouth just took the tip in and let it pop out…causing a little extra feel…back in but a little deeper this time and out with a pop…my hand moving up and down this gorgeous cock as my mouth serviced the tip…faster and deeper till finally he let go of the sink and grabbed my hair and made me take all of him…glorious!!!

Take it all, take it all he cried…faster and faster…I felt him ready to cum for me…and I was ready…Cum baby! Yes cum for me, was all I could think. Finally, I tasted his seed, and as he spent himself in my mouth I pulled back to watch him finish on my breast…taking my fingers I played there as his eyes opened and he watched as I took my finger and stuck it in my mouth. Sucking the taste of him off my finger.

 He sank to the floor, took me in his arms, then passionately kissed me to complete my heart’s desire.


Erotic Story contest entry


Author Notes
Approx 820 words
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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