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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: June 24, 2016      Views: 116

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A St. Bernard named Suzie on a sheep farm in Colorado.
"The Huge, Sleeping St. Bernard Susie" by Caveman1

Thank goodness there was no coyotes around. It must have been too hot for the coyotes. The sheep would only move if they had to, on this hot day the sheep knew of this area, and they could be found sleeping there when the temperatures rose that high. Even the coyotes, slept somewhere nearby, but they seemed to be taking time off from chasing the sheep because of the humid weather. Feeding and finding shade was the key for the animals of Anderson's Sheep farm today.
Susie sleeping away in the ever so chilly air conditioning on the master's bed on ever Susie, a giant, St. Bernard, enjoyed sleeping on the master's bed because the room was so cool due to the air conditioning. In fact, it was rare that she'd be anywhere else on the hundred year old Anderson sheep farm in heat like this, in Weld County Colorado, this time of year. I often wondered how the old bed was able to support such a huge dog for so many hours a day. I figured it must have been built with some wood from Noah's ark.
However, on those rare occasions when she wasn't sleeping there you could find her near the sheep in a shaded area just around the apple trees. A cooler breeze come in over the mountains and spit its air out around those trees.
Such a rare fiery hot summer day in Weld County of Colorado on the sheep farm. Susie was so huge that it must have been very hard on the big Oak frame master's bed. That bed must have been as sturdy as wood used on Noah's ark. The sheep would only move if they had today on this hot temperate day. Feeding and finding shade was the key for the animals of Anderson's Sheep farm today. And when the main household didn't run the air condition in the summer time, Susie the big, giant St. Bernard knew where the biggest spot of shade was on a steep hill overlooking the main sheep's pasture on the Anderson Farm.
The Anderson Farm of Weld County was more of the mid to small size farm in the hilly valley. Not too much drama in the area... Rarely a soldier from Ft. Carson going to or from might drive or try to drive like the General Lee. But the weather and amount of agricultural produce were the most exciting events to happen in Weld County. In terms of crime the young people and travelers with illegal drugs. Thank goodness Susie's main job was to deter Coyotes from the sheep and be the giant adorable family dog for the Anderson's and their visitors. Heck the Anderson's homestead would be the perfect place for a bed and breakfast cabin. But Mr. Anderson was protective of his land and family. The Anderson's would pass on that investment opportunity for now. Besides the guests at a B and B cabin might wake up Susie from her hours and hours nap time. Susie just might find her barking voice and upset the sheep of the farm.
The Anderson's really loved and cherished Susie to allow her to sleep on their bed when the air conditioning was running. When Susie was up and moving the few times a day. Susie enjoyed to playfully chase the many cats around the barn. Susie every now and then would lie next to the few cows that the Anderson's had. It almost seem like all the animals on this farmstead got along peacefully. If only Dr. Doolittle could have visit this Eden on Earth, truly God's country for the Anderson's sheep and Susie the giant St. Bernard.

Susie writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write a story about a dog named Susie who likes to sleep...She likes central air and sleeping on her master's bed..She thinks the sun is too hot so if she's outside she will always find a shady place to sleep...She likes to chase after wild animals and farm animals if you write about her living on a farm...She is very friendly but never goes to or leaves with anyone she doesn't know...

You can tell the story through the owners eyes or the dogs eyes. Its totally up to the author...You can put Susie in any situation you want...just make the story interesting to the reader...use any type of dog you desire...


Author Notes
Please go easy on me. I am a forty year old man with high blood pressure and a dream to become eventually a better writer. I still believe in the Write place and I believe FanStory is it more to use as my training ground. I almost did not submitted anything. Hast makes waste, I waited to the last minute. I guess it's better to turn in crap then no crap? I will let the kindly reader with talent decide. Thanks for your support on improving Caveman1's writing talent or his lack of.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Caveman1 All rights reserved.
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