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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Script
  Posted: July 4, 2016      Views: 197

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Published my first poem at age 10 written hundreds since then. I've written and published many songs records, and albums. I'm Founder of several technology companies and lived all over the world. My mission is to stimulate CREATIVITY and GRAT - more...

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This work has reached the exceptional level
Old movie 'Manchurian Candidate?
"The Muslim Candidate" by His Grayness

I Believe that Barack Hussein O'Bama is the ultimate head of MUSLIM TERRIORISM. A popular movie "The Manchurian Candidate" makes the case for how to infiltrate USA politics with the intention to destroy from within. What O'Bummer has done since his election needs consideration in this light. He lied about being born in Hawaii. (I have a video of him and his grandmother openly stating he was born a Muslim, in KENYA! He has destroyed our military strength, cut our defense budget to shreds, signed a deadly nuclear deal with our worst enemy and gave them "Billions of $" to support their destructive intentions. He destroyed our healthcare system,released ISIS killers from GITMO back into war against us and just reported that he plans to move the remainder of them to USA prisons! & also recently issued thousands of free green cards to un-vettable Iranians. while supporting immigration that will positively be infused with ISIS Terrorists. He has armed our FEMA (federal emergency management administration) with weapons
and ammunition. He ordered the "scrubbing"of our USA likely-terrorist records files within the last couple months. He has allowed N.Korea to maintain an active satellite that is daily moving across the USA from NW to SW with the full capability of launching an EMP (electro-magnet-pulse) with the power to wipe out every aircraft in the USA including all radio, TV, Telephone, Internet, Utilities, and kill our way of life to create mass "Civil Unrest" while being able to then send 'armed" FEMA "rescue" teams to stop civil unrest with guns and bullets. For these reasons and many more, IBELIEVE" it's time for America to wake up!.

I Believe writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write a story or essay that begins with the sentence: I believe _______ (finish the sentence). Maximum word count: 1,000.

Author Notes
For these reasons, I hope readers will confront the reality of what is happing to the USA and demand some answers...AND some resolutions SOON!
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