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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: July 25, 2016      Views: 68
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Catherin Elizabet Belle, also a pseudonym. She is retired. She enjoys living in Florida where there is plenty of sea, sun and sand.

Ms Belle enjoys her research and creating poetry, novels, and short stories.

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Chapter 6 of the book The Search
A relieved Lady Lenore
"Return to the cave" by Catherin Elizabet Belle
The Lady Lenore Lost in the woods when discovered by Lord Jonathan refused to return to Black Shadow Castle.

As she sat at the rickety table Lenore places her head in her hands and wills, the tears not to fall. What is to become of me? Where will I go? She creeps to the edge of the falls.

There, taking her hands, she catches water to wash her face and hands. Then she realizes: left the pail in the cavern. As she returns to the interior, she decides it will wait.

After a while she goes through the knapsack left for her and discovers her crewelwork. With the candle on the edge of the table, she sits close, plying her needle. Busy hands will help pass the hours until Jonathan returns. Her needle creates a pattern on the linen as her mind images. He said he'd return. No one has ever kept their word; not even my father, who promised I could choose whom to wed. Then he forced me into the marriage with Darwin. Alas, what is to become of me?

The days pass, I work on my crewel and wait. I dare not venture beyond the falls. Where will I go? Oh, was I not lost in the forest.

Jonathan left five days ago; has it been five days? It could be four more before he returns if he does. He was to help Darwin look for me. Oh! My, what a mess I've made for myself. The food is low, if I eat sparingly it will last four days.

The next few days are routine with sleep, sewing, walking to the falls, and more sleep. It's eve of the fourth day I am restless. Jonathan will return, he must. I crawl into bed; sleep is elusive, yet in the wee hours of the night I slumber. I am awakened by the neigh of a horse outside my cave; I freeze in terror. From the bed I move to the far recesses of the cave and hover in the darkness, trembling. I'm sure the rider can hear.

I fear I shall die of fright when a familiar voice calls, "Lady Lenore, Jonathan."

In an instant I am running toward the dim glow of the torch he is holding and slam into his arms, sobbing. With the light in one hand, he wraps his arm around me holding me close saying, "My lady, are you, all right?"

Shaking my head against his chest, I continue to sob, tears rolling glistening on my cheeks. He drops the torch to the floor of the cave and holds me by the shoulders as he looks into my eyes he asks, "What is wrong?"

With my weeping under control I reply, "Sire, I thought you might not return." Feeling the shame for what I have done I, in haste, move putting the table between us.

He turns and walks to the outer cave, returning with a bulging knapsack. As he puts things on the table he says, "My Lady, your food run before my return and for that, I apologize for my late return. Are you hungry?"

With a smile I reply, "Sire, I ate sparing. But yes, I could eat." I watch as he takes a container from the pack pouring mead into a goblet, he sits it in front of me. From the goblet I sip the sweet elixir saying, "Tis a welcome after nothing but spring water."

As he lays a small repast of lamb, bread, and cheese on the table he says, "Lara is back in her home with no one knowing of her absence." He glances at her before he continues, "My lady, do you wish to return to Black Shadow Castle?"

A tinge of fear crosses my face as I reply in a shaky voice, "I will not go back, never! Never! Do you hear me? Never!"

She was so distraught I move to her, kneeling in the dirt I touch the small hand lying in her lap of tattered pants and am shocked at the thrill that courses through my body as my cock jumps in response. My mind screams no as my body defies reason. With a deep breath, I say, "Lenore, you can't stay here forever. It's not fit for a lady."

As a tear falls from her eye, she says, "I have no place to go. You said I was safe here."
Without thinking, I wipe the saline drifting across the pale cheek. I still the desire burning to touch that finger to my lips for a taste of this enchanting lass. I move and sit in a chair across from her, knowing she is right. She and I both know anyone who hides her faces death. "Let's rest tonight, Lenore. Tomorrow, we'll decide what to do."

As soon as I have the horses tended, I settle near the cave entrance. Sleep is illusive, and I lay awake long into the night. Lenore is restless across the cave, tossing on the bed. By the gray light of dawn, a solution forms, but it will be dangerous for Lenore and fatal for me if caught. It hinges on Lenore's willingness to die. Well, in a manner of speaking.

The book continues with No sign of the Lady. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
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