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 Category:  Children Poetry
  Posted: October 18, 2016      Views: 137

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I have a bachelor's degree in English from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC and a master's degree in education from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am recently retired and miss the inspiration I got from my stud - more...

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This work has reached the exceptional level
I find the facets of the wind intriguing.
"Ode to the Wind" by Marykelly
I've never seen him but I know he's there,
he's always around, he's everywhere.
The seasons change and so does he,
sometimes he stays still, sometimes he runs free,
that wild, wonderful wind.

On sunny days when the field is bright
he runs through the grass but stays out of sight.
While listening to a chorus of birds
he hums along to their whistled words,
that wild, wonderful wind.

On autumn mornings he starts his breeze
and makes the trees shake their leaves.
They shake so hard the leaves fall to the ground
and the reds and yellows dance and bound,
that wild, wonderful wind.

On winter days his mood can change fast,
he shouts and roars with an icy blast.
When snow blankets the ground he makes no sound,
in that sleepy hush, he just hangs around,
that wild, wonderful wind.

On soft spring nights at my window sill
he slips inside and keeps very still.
He says goodnight in a gentle voice
then tiptoes away without any noise,
that wild, wonderful wind.

I've never seen him but I know he's there,
he's always around, he's everywhere.
No matter his mood, no matter his whim,
it's certainly true, we can't do without him,
that wild, wonderful wind.

Ode Poem writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write an ode to anything you want as long as it is not about a person or an animal. Comparison can be made to people or animals. It can be funny or serious. Personification allowed. Rhyming or not is up to you. The subject is up to you, please keep it clean. Pictures and author's notes allowed.


Author Notes
I am trying to introduce children to the traditional forms of poetry, so this ode is written for children. It celebrates the wind, an element of nature, and is an irregular ode.
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