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 Category:  Humor Fiction
  Posted: February 9, 2017      Views: 220

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I'm retired from dairy farming. My husband became crippled by a bull three years ago so I am caring for him. Have a lot of time on my hands so I joined fanstory to do some practice writing and maybe write a book later.

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The missing letter
"One Tough Job" by prettybluebirds

Writing without this big letter is different. My four-footed furry friends become felines. Rosie the dog is still who she is, but my wheels will now be the vehicle.

My spouse is simply still my spouse, but it's fine, it rhymes with louse, so if poetry I choose to write. Yep, I know it sounds silly but give me the thumbs up, I'm trying.

There is the issue of time too. It will forever be evening if only p.m exists. It's not the best thing for those of us who never were, or will be, night people. Those who rise before the morning light will be mighty confused when the clock tells them it's five p.m. How will we know when it is time for eggs or grits? I bet even the sun will get messed up trying to figure out the new order of things.

Folks who sell vehicles will find it difficult to sell their product without mentioning the terrific things they offer in their most used four letter word. They might try the words pledge, bond, or just buy. It won't sound like it did before, but it might work. I guess it depends on how much the buyer is interested in the new vehicle.

Writing without the much-used letter is terrible on the stuff inside my skull. If I try to write the story on fruit, how do I mention the kind it is? Fruits most often include the letter in their description, so how does one go about It? I could write something like this-- the red fruit is plucked from the vines to be used in dishes involving lettuce with cheese or onions on top.

Sounds kind of corny to me trying to write without this most often-used letter. I think I will stick to writing stories which involve every letter I know in my repertoire. I did enjoy the experience of this writing prompt. It is fun to try something different even if it is strenuous to my mind.

Life Without The Letter A writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write a story or poem of any length without using the letter 'A'. Please see announcement for details.


Author Notes
Whew, this is tougher then one would expect it to be. Sure is fun, though. The picture is of my girlfriend when she is trying to write something for her son.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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