Chapter 8 - Part 3
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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: March 17, 2017      Views: 31

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It?s been such a very long time since I?ve logged in. I have been in a kind of mourning for my writing. It started as a writer?s block. I don?t know anyone who hasn?t experienced that. But, mine carried on for too long. Months then years went by and - more...

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Aqua, pink, yellow run riot in Mexico.
"The Colors of Mazatlan" by Deejharrington

As soon as you walk down the narrow, uneven streets of Mazatlan, Mexico, you are bombarded with colors of the rainbow. Apartments, stores, and people's clothing are all in bright colors. Coming from the mid-west in the middle of winter, it feels like summer sunshine. My eyes are accustomed to seeing houses painted white, grey, or maybe blue. As Sasha showed me around her wonderful city, each street was a surprise of colors. After just a few days, I wanted to go home and buy some hot pink paint. Though I doubt my landlord would be very happy.

If you read my first post, "Don't I Know You?" you know I traveled to Mexico to meet fellow FS'er, Sasha. It's taken me a year to figure out how to transfer my pictures from my phone to my computer. Now that I'm ready to share our adventures, my memory is not all that sharp. So these posts will be more snapshots than a travel log. I hope Sasha will fill in any blanks and blunders my crappy memory screws up.

Every morning I would leave my hotel and walk the short block to the square. It was an area about four square blocks filled with open air restaurants. My favorite was a small one called "The Lyons". They served the Mexican version of coffee and patrons are allowed to smoke. That probably would not be an attraction for most of you. But since both Sasha and I are known to partake, we enjoyed it. The coffee in Mexico takes some getting use to. I love a good, strong cuppa. One of my favorite brands is called "Death Wish." Mexican coffee combines flavors of coffee and cocoa.
But if you absolutely must have caffeine to appear human, you make do..

Each Tuesday morning, The Lyon would serve the cruise line passengers who come into port. I walked the mile or so to see the ships that dock in Mazetlan. One such day I noticed some bottles of alcohol on a table at the restaurant. The tour director was speaking to her small group. She then open a few and offered up shot glasses of each. Being that it was around nine o'clock in the morning, I happily stuck with my coffee. After they had moved on to the next point of interest, I got up for a closer look at what they were drinking. All the bottles were some kind of tequila with an extra surprise. Swimming in the bottom of each were snakes, scorpions, and other unidentifiable creepy crawlies. Just the idea of drinking a shot for breakfast is enough to make me gag but when combined with a dead snake? No, gracias.

Author Notes
It has been a year since I spent time visiting Sasha (Smurphgirl) in Mazatlan, Mexico, where she makes her home.
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