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    Advising Ahab Contest Winner 
 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: September 4, 2017      Views: 237

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This work has reached the exceptional level
Ahab is a pussycat underneath it all
"Curing a Crazie" by Deniz22

STARBUCK: 'Thank ye, Captain Ahab, for inviting me to dinner in your cabin tonight."

AHAB: "Eat up, pilgrim, and tell me what's on ye mind."

STARBUCK: "No disrespect, Captain, but it seems an evil wind has filled the sails of your mind."

AHAB: "Go on, unload all your cargo."

STARBUCK: "Tis a dangerous course you've set us on, going after the white whale, far from our  usual waters."

AHAB: "Through?"

STARBUCK: "Thou art possessed and will kill us all going after a beast what only did what beasts do!"

AHAB: "Aye, that's no ordinary beast thee speak of...I have looked it in the eye and seen the Devil himself!"

STARBUCK: "I would give an arm and a leg if...oh, sorry...I wish you would listen to me and save yourself and us from disaster!"

AHAB: "And what makes thee so sure I shall not prevail?"

STARBUCK: "I read the book and saw the movie...believe me, it doesn't go well for thee and the Peapod. Turn back!"

AHAB: "That's Pequod, but thanks for talking with me. What you say makes complete sense. Give the order to turn back."

STARBUCK: "Aye aye, Captain!"

AHAB: "One other thing, Starbuck..."

STARBUCK: "Yes Captain Ahab?"

AHAB: 'Who played me in the movie?"

Writing Prompt
Your name is Starbuck and you just set sail with Captain Ahab on the whaler Pequod. You eventually realize he has a fish fixation on a certain white whale known as 'Moby Dick'. Talk him out of his madness in dialogue only in at least 100 words or more.
Advising Ahab
Contest Winner

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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