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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Script
  Posted: October 11, 2017      Views: 63

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I am a retired software engineer. I keep busy these days by writing short stories, books, and iPhone apps.

I have nine books available on Amazon and in bookstores. Paradise Lost, The West, Stolen Youth, Caleb, The Banner Chronicles, Protect - more...

He is a top ranked author at the #28 position.

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #2 spot on the rankings.

He is also an active reviewer and is holding the #13 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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A Caleb script.
"Charlene's Dilemma Act II" by Thomas Bowling

Act II
Scene II

After lunch, Caleb and Lionel are on their way to see Darius LeDue.

Lionel: What do you suppose is goin' on with Darius?

Caleb: I don't know. He said he wanted to show us somethin'. He sounded like he was in some sort of trouble.

Lionel: Darius is a good man. I've never known him to be in trouble.

Caleb: Maybe it's nothin'. We'll find out soon enough. His place is just ahead.

The deputies drive up to a two-story house, set back from the road about two-hundred yards and surrounded by a soybean field.

Caleb: What can we do for you Mr. LeDue?

Darius: My name's Darius. Step over here and tell me what you see.

Caleb: Lots of soybeans. You've got a good crop. It looks like you're gonna have a bumper year. You haven't been makin' crop circles, have you?

Darius: I don't buy into that malarky. Hocus-Pocus if you ask me. Why does anybody believe that trampin' down patterns in your field will make your soybeans happy?

Caleb: You must be doin' somethin' right. That's about the finest field of soybeans as I ever saw.

Darius: That's the problem. It's too good a crop. My yield should be half that. I'm in trouble.

Lionel: How can that be trouble? You're gonna make a lot of money this year.

Darius: I'll be in jail by the end of the year.

Lionel: How can that be?

Darius: Obviously you don't know much about farmin'. Thangs aren't the way they used to be. Used to be, you bought seeds, planted them, and wished for the best. Nothin's left to chance anymore. Now, corporations control everythin'. Monsanto supplies ninety percent of all the soybean seeds. Twenty years ago, they developed a super seed that produces twice as much crop. They call it RoundUp Ready. They got a patent on it and now they control the whole world's soybean production.

Lionel: Why don't you just save some seeds for next year and plant them? That way you can by-pass Monsanto.

Darius: It's not that easy. That's the way we used to get our seeds. Monsanto's patent won't let us do that. They own everythin' It's illegal to save seeds. Every year you have to buy new seeds and you have to buy from Monsanto.

Caleb: I had no idea that soybeans were so controlled.

Darius: Soybeans are the number one crop in the world. It stands to reason that sooner or later someone would find a way to monopolize it.

Caleb: If these seeds didn't come from Monsanto where did they come from?

Darius: I never bought Monsanto seeds. I didn't want some corporation controlling me. I always saved my own seeds and used them. It cost me when other farms had a better yield, but you can't put a price on bein' your own man.

Caleb: Is that where these seeds came from?

Darius: No. When Katrina came through it wiped out the crop. I had to start over. I bought my seeds from a distributor that didn't do business with Monsanto. I told him I didn't want engineered seeds. He told me these were seeds he developed himself. He said my yield wouldn't be as good as Monsanto seeds, but as close as you could get. Well, this is what I got. The seeds were fine for a few years, but this year they sent me a new batch. They said they were a new variety. They were Monsanto's as sure as I live.

Caleb: What can you do?

Darius: When I became suspicious, I wrote Monsanto and explained the situation to them. They sent a man out to collect some samples. I didn't hear from them for a month. Yesterday I got a letter from their lawyers. They're tryin' to take my farm. They say everythin' belongs to them.

Darius begins to cry.

Darius: This farm has been in my family for two-hundred-years. Now, Monsanto is orderin' me off the property. It's my farm, and they tell me I've got to leave. They won't even let me plow the field under. They say the ground would still contain their genetics. All because of some seeds.

Caleb: What can we do?

Darius: I don't know. I had to tell somebody. I guess all you can do is stop me from doin' somethin' stupid if the guys from Monsanto show up to evict me.

Caleb: There has to be a court order first. I'll look into it and see if anythin' has been filed.

Scene II

When Caleb and Lionel get back to the station, Caleb looks on the Clerk of Court website but finds nothing about Darius. He fills Dothan in on the situation.

Caleb: I'm worried about Darius. He is in a world of trouble over his soybean crop. Can they really take his farm away?

Dothan: It happens all the time. Corporations are heartless.

Caleb: I thought Monsanto was a chemical company.

Dothan: They were until they found out there's more money in genetics. They hired some college boys who opened their eyes to real potential and some lawyers showed them how to capitalize on it.

Caleb: It don't seem right.

Dothan: Right or wrong, it's the law.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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