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 Category:  Biographical Poetry
  Posted: November 25, 2017      Views: 129

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I came to Fan Story to work on my writing. I am learning so much from my fellow Fan Storians. I am now writing my second book. I am applying all that I am learning here in Fan Story.

My first book, "Is There Brilliance In Resilience?" i - more...

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This work has reached the exceptional level
Grief cannot be scheduled/everyone has their own time limit
"Today" by Asem.inspirations
Today he would've been a worthy thirty,
coming over really early,
just to see us, with that big infectious smile.
So of course today, has me feeling some kind of way,
You know, about this day, known as today,
which was his birthday.

Depressed, full of unexpected anger and regret,
and I'm willing to bet...that it would not get any better
than this with me today,
not this day, not for today.

And it got me thinking,
for twenty-eight years, I took for granted these today's,
thinking they would always be ours to persuade and to save. I think...only to sink further
into the whole stink of his absence,
but won't betray my abstinence or lead it astray.

And as I look around, I see everyone still bound
to their destinations, not paying any attention
or making mere mention of today,
or my expectations...of them...of it.

And last night,
on the way to the train,
I kinda wished it would rain
to hide the tears I so needed
to stream down my face,
if only to erase the disgrace
that I feel for this day - without him,
on this day, this very day called today.

Because I keep seeing...actual human beings
that look just like him, walk like him, talk like him,
and you know, they smile just like him.

And I know, that it is possibly
my need of him, want of him, plead to see him,
why I keep seeing him in almost everyone I see,
taking double looks and deep stares,
needing to explain my affairs...with people of their looks
and how my yearning has got me hooked.

And so I've been climb the highest mountain,
conspiring to dive off, to empty it all out, on the way down.
You know, screaming from deep within,
all the pain and crying out,
yeah, all the way down.

Or to ball up tightly into a ball,
to stay between the walls where no one can find me
to confine me to their own set limits,
using me as a gimmick for their own stupidity.

So this is just why, I have set this new rule
for insensitive fools
who think that they have the right - to set a limit,
to my own grieving,
becoming my grievance.

They are deceiving themselves by thinking
that they have the right to decide
how long I must fight my fight
to survive...his demise.

But...if I were them,
I would not pull that crap,
not this day, not for today,



Emotions writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write an emotional poem. Make your reader feel. It could be that they will laugh, cry, smile, etc. just make sure they feel something.


Author Notes
I have my good days and I have my bad days. Yet sometimes some people could be so insensitive. They may not realize it, but they are showing it. They must realize that most parents will always grieve the loss of their child or children. It never goes away. Believe me, I know!

(ab�·sti�·nence) abstinence - the fact or practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something, typically alcohol.

Thank you Pinterest for the use of the wonderful artwork.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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