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 Category:  Spiritual Non-Fiction
  Posted: December 19, 2017      Views: 311
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"I am learning to write."
"It has been a long Journey with many difficulties...
"Losses, Depressions, and other Abnormalities."
"Come with me and watch as I grow and share with you!"
Doctor Ricky 1024.

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #56 spot on the rankings.

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

Chapter 30 of the book "The Gift of Life II"
My Son Jason's Life.
"The Gifting Angel" by Ricky1024

Continues with another amazing chaptwr as well as journey.

"The Gifting Angel
(Before and After Death)
Written on December 19th, 2017
By Jason Richard Smrkovsky
(A Dedication)
<*>C. FanStory 2017<*>
"My dad asked me to write this one cuz it would be powerful and it needed to be accurate."
"And, it would be no more accurate than what I could right here above and in Heaven."
"As I write this, I want you to understand one important thing."
"Just because I'm not below...
"Doesn't mean I don't exist now above."
"I know all now and I see all now."
"And, I have given those gifts periodically to my father Richard."
"Who calls himself Ricky 1024."
"Life for me, as a child, sometimes amazing...
"And, sometimes difficult as well as boring...
"Became My Destiny."
"So, I created My own world."
"Which as a two, year, old...
"Called it...
"Holy Crackle."
"My own "Little World!"
"Sorta like a Gateway or Pathway back to "The Spirit World."
"Could it possibly be believed that a person could transverse back and forth?"
"By the time this is completed, you will be able to make a clear decision on this subject."
"As I Grew and got older...
"Stronger and more Bolder...
"I blended more with my four sisters."
"Nikki or Nicole Megan Harbach...
"Kyle or Kylie Erin Harback...
(My two Step-Sisters)
"And, My two Birth Sisters."
"Corrine or Corey Alexis and Dana Alyse Smrkovsky."
"Being that I never completely grew out of My, "Holy Crackle World."
(Which would be explained in the Editors Notes)
"I was a basically a happy, young, man."
"But My Connections started to show Me things....
"Things that I wasn't supposed to be privy to?"
"Like the fact that my mom Carolyn, would leave the house at night...
"Leaving us alone when we were small children...
"Leaving us alone the same time my dad Richard, went to run a night crew at his job on Long Beach Island, in
Ship Bottom, New Jersey."
"She would go to Atlantic City with her two friends Bev and Lenny and gamble away our income?"
"She then would complain to My poor dad that he never made enough money!"
"Causing him to eventually have three nervous breakdowns!"
"Caused from the exhaustion as well as working 17-hour days...
"Six nights a week...
"In the Summer Months...
"Now, My mother wasn't a cruel mother but she wasn't a loving mother as well."
"You see, she never learned the word?"
"As she too had been abused by her, very, own, mother!"
"And, her cruel brother... "Step brother Jack Dillion whom raped her in the basement as a six, year, old, child...
(More on that later)
"Now, as I approach My Teenage Years...
"I developed many interests like My band."
"As a Percussionist I play the drums in the concerts at school as well as My band."
(Editor's Notes)
"But, I was never much of a student more or less a B-C student."
"Sometimes less!"
"I wasn't supposed to share that!"
"Now, as a student, education wasn't my priority?"
"People were!"
"Even in sixth grade, they recognized that and they then made Me a "Peer Mediator."
"They would send the bulk of the teenage children with problems to Me...
"As I further progressed, with My Life, I soon would come to realize that I had other gifts?"
"I enjoyed the "Auto Mechanic's Class," and was even using a welder and helping other young teenage men ripped down cars and rebuild them!"
"And, it got to the point that My dad figured I might want to make a career of it?"
"So, he was making arrangements for the following year when I would have graduated High School to start "Brookdale Community College" in New Jersey."
"But you see, none of that was meant to be?"
"On March 31st, 2003...
"I was a passenger in a car driven by a young as well as "Mentally- Ill friend," of mine, Brian Cole."
"Now Brian decided that he himself was too depressed to live anymore!"
"And, was going to not only take himself out but anybody else around him!"
"Which so happened...
"To be Me!"
"After the accident progressed, My family realized that I wasn't coming back...
"You see, I or My body, was disturbed and distributed so Violently...
"That I suffered from a Deep Coma as well as a Serious Brain Injury!"
"And, the damage was too severe?"
"The oxygen dissipated within a 17 hour period so My Brain Died?"
"And, I would become more or less...
"A Cabbage in A Vegetative State of Being."
"This was not acceptable with my family, so they then decided to donate Me or give Me away...
"To the *World.
Approximate Word Count 804.

The book continues with My Day By Day 2003. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
"To learn more about...
"Organ-Tissue Donations."
"And, I hope to God that if you're placed in this situation...
"And, like Me...
"Have no choice...
"Then, just simply call My dad's, dear, friend...
"Lara S. Moretti the L.S.W. with...
"The Gift of Life." "Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."
"At 1-800-DONORS-1."
"And, tell Lara that Jason said...

"Special thanks goes out first to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus the Christ, FanStory and Tom the Administrator Fan Art Review, this amazing and talented artist...
'Wolfdancer13' and his incredible picture...
"Peaceful Bliss"
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by Wolfdancer13 at

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