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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: February 25, 2018      Views: 100

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I'm Judy.
I love to write.
I teach high school choir to the most amazing students in the world
I have three extremely successful children
One is a lawyer
One is a professional Athlete (UFC)
One is an Auto Mechanic.
I h - more...

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The Three Men Who Love Me
"The Men I Love" by jusylee72

Twenty years sounds like a long time for a marriage Our 20th anniversary is May 16th, this year. However, I am 63 years old. I found this wonderful man on a golf course over 21 years ago, when I entered my 40's. I was a single mother with 3 children, ages, 10 and 12.

San Antonio felt unusually warm on that January day. My two oldest children went to Minnesota to see their father. My youngest, from the second marriage, was at my best friends Nancy's house.

A year earlier, I ran away from an abusive marriage in Austin, Texas. I left a job, a house, and friends. The day I left, I finally called the authorities and put my ex-husband in jail and disappeared.

I have always loved to play golf. That day, I splurged and decided to find a game.

My Dad taught me to swing a golf club when I was young. Golf, along with music, became my true passions from the time I was young. I had to be realistic. I had three children to raise. Golf was expensive, time-consuming and as much as I wanted to go play, it was a pure joy to me, it was something I simply didn't allow myself to do.

I decided to splurge Since all three children were taken care of I decided to enjoy a day out on a golf course. I didn't know many people in San Antonio, but I did know the clerk across the street at the convenience store enjoyed golf. I had no desire to date him, I just wanted to play golf. We agreed to play at Cedar Creek that Saturday.

The freedom I felt on the driving range was enthralling. My swing was on that day. I was hitting the driver about 200 yards. Even one of the pros came up and asked me, "Wow, you are hitting well, what do you usually score." I admitted that even though I could hit a ball well, I never really played enough to know how to score well. "I usually shoot about 100, I said." I'll never forget what he said, "With that swing, you should be scoring much better."

I met my friend at the clubhouse. Because of the beautiful weather, the course was packed. The clubhouse pro told us we would be joining two other golfers on the tee, Douglas Welch, and Jim Finholt.

Douglas was a tall, slender, obvious athlete. Jim had clubs in a Minnesota Vikings bag. Our connection was immediate. Minnesota Vikings are my favorite team. Next, I found out his wife was a colleague of mine, I taught choir at Stinson Middle School while she taught choir at Jay high school both in NISD.

Both men enjoyed my passion for the game. Doug especially seemed to notice me.

At the end of the day, Doug asked me to play in a scramble with him the next month. I told him yes and gave him my number. He called two days later and asked if I would like to play again the following weekend.

The scramble has never ended. We have been married for 20 years this month.

Sam was the first Jewish person I ever met. In college, he noticed me sitting in the hallway, all five foot of me. From then on I was known as "the little chick". I was only 5 feet tall. He fascinated me. He was so intelligent, a journalism major. He opened my mind to politics and worldwide issues. He loved to play ping pong with me in the student lounge. Sam's friends called him "The Old Man" because he started college late. When I met him, he was already 23. He graduated at 25.

During our friendship, there was a self-proclaimed ping pong expert in our dorm. Mike Meyers, an arrogant jock type truly thought he was special and unbeatable. What he didn't know is that I had grown up with a ping pong table in our basement. One day, Sam arranged for me to play him. Sam invited friends and became the play by play announcer. As if he were a stand-up comedian, he called the three-game tournament. The 5 people audience joined in the merriment. In a close, down to the last shot tournament, I became the victor. Sam put me on his shoulders and ran around the lounge in a victory lap.

He graduated two years later. He became a true friend and mentor to me. I knew he cared about me but his girlfriend Julie kept him close to her. Later in life, he became the Editor of the Daily Star in New Jersey. He created a distinguished career in journalism and was the recipient of numerous awards. with many awards.

We kept in touch. After he married Julie, I would still call him at work. He always made me feel loved and special and years later admitted that he had always been in love with me. He adored his wife but there was a small part of him that wished he had met me when I was older. Through phone calls, he helped me through an abusive marriage and years later celebrated with me when I found my true love.

We both treasure the way our lives turned out and the love we have for our children and spouses. However, there will always be a love in my heart for this man and I know he will always have a place in my heart for him.


Adrian Kirtley became my assistant director with the Taft High School Choir four years ago. Adrian is an amazing musician. I quickly recognized his gifts. His work ethic is impeccable. His knowledge of music exceeds most seasoned directors. His natural ability and sense of humor fascinate the students. This is a future leader In TMEA, Texas Music Educators Association. Instead of an assistant, I knew I must treat him as a co-director.

We became wonderful colleagues and friends. He knows me better than most people in the world, musically and emotionally. He shares my devotion to all students and helps them become the best they can be.

Adrian is openly gay. After two years at Taft, he told me he had to leave and move to Dallas. David, his boyfriend for five years was accepted into Medical School. David proposed and they were to be married that summer.

I attended their wedding in August. Even though this meant I was losing the best colleague, I had tears of joy run down my face. Their love continues to grow and they are both excelling in their careers.

I truly love this man and he truly loves me. We continue to mentor each other in our careers and talk often.


My husband- My college friend- My amazing assistant, all of them unique, wonderful people, are three of the best people in the world. I want to thank them for loving, protecting and understanding me. All three continue to be a blessing in my life.

The Men (or women) who love me contest entry
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by rahulsharma8020 at

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