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"it's amazing what passing the half-century mark does to free one to be eccentric" Madeleine L'Engle, A Circle of Quiet
 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Poetry
  Posted: September 24, 2018      Views: 160

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Badger_29 is first a professional musician, also enjoy writing. I have published my first book, and I'm working on the second.

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This work has reached the exceptional level
Philosophy, life, my Muse
"A Bit Passed; Half" by Badger_29
A bit passed; midway
of my earthly expectancy-
I did not mature
until fifty-three,
So you see
I intend to gain
three-score more

~ to be~

Complete; my purpose,
for I gained purchase
of a peculiar,
particular package
 that was designed
 specifically for me
to utilize, and yet,
 I am not a

I am free to be me

With every 
momentary sequence
 divided then subdivided,
 almost every split-second
capable of on or off,
zero or one,
black or white,
right or wrong,
sinner or saint,
binary. contrary
complex, decisive,
-or not

According to Rush,
"If you choose not to decide,
you still have made a choice"
Read aloud and listen
to your
valiant voice!

Caught up and this
completely capable,
conclusive, conducive
concrete concept
of reality:

As it unfolds-
I behold, am told,
grow older, colder;
indole structure.
organic trace,
manic race,
 in your face
~with a~
frantic pace!

~breathe in~

I once was lost,
Counted the cost
Now that I am found,
I abound
in a brand new perception;
reception of
 filled with light

Now my purpose is
but not fully revealed
but how I truly feel
is that my inner or
mind's Eye
has been
elated frustrated
wretched at times;
 whilst etching my rhymes

~breathe out~

My mysterious Muse
looking on
expectantly, inspiringly,

I must write!
Even when I am wrong
 and right
left, and tight,
 liberal and useful
 and dull

I cull the
relevant pertinent,
 ambivalent elements;
as I weave a writ,
 a bit of worthy wit

Fine lines and signs
 for us to find,
designed to be kind
of an alternative view,
as some of you have
already brewed
many of these

underwritten, overlapping
 overtures, previously
 penned sufficiently to
make my stake, or claim-

Clear concise
a neat feat of
 word weaving
or concept conjuring,
conclusive connection
 to a brand-new

~shared reality~

The words must 
functionally flow,
as where they go
they create
a reality of their own
A jubilant,
jagged and joyful
puzzle piece
to release
 these theses

If you are reading
 I am leading
 us to
and a bit of the edge
of the tapestry of
reality is gilt with silver-
shining, beautiful and bold
 completely open to
various reactions

As I rolled
 the pool of ink
on my quill,
scribing a frilly frill

Thanks for your connection,
 I value it like silver and gold
literally liberated liberal

To the point, yet
 hopefully leaving some
question or doubt,
as to what it is
really completely about
 in its
complex simplicity

With a subtle,
simple complexity,
some dangling dainties,
faintly laced with the idea
 that it leaves you, the viewer
with something to think about-
Loose ends to weave, or
leave out still dangling,
the ends to a means

To render a sequence
of concepts
leaving you, the reader
to connect the dots
 in your own fashion,
 or to leave them
the way they are

But if you are
found sound
~of mind~
you are
 to find
connections that I missed,
miss some that I intended,
(subtly subliminally implied)

1) There are personal, shared and alternate realities

2) I have found part of my purpose,
and actively seeking the balance

3) These concepts connect in a literal literary way
(shared reality)

4) These concepts are presented in the clear and concise manner, however,
are subject to personal interpretation,
they can be interconnected. added to,
 taken away from, or even discarded

5) My muse exists
 as a construct for me,
has personality, flavor, and
tangible value

6) This connection is a great treasure for me and has the same potential for you

7) If I am successful in my endeavor,
 the reader will walk away with some thoughts, connections, conclusions,
 and information of their own



Author Notes
The image is a rose a bit past half, World Peace Rose Garden, Capitol Park
Sacrameo, CA

"Awakened at midnight
by the sound of the water jar
cracking from the ice'


Brother Badger

9/23 /2018 1937
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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