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    Writing Contest Winner 
 Category:  Writing Non-Fiction
  Posted: October 3, 2018      Views: 182

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I enjoy taking pictures, traveling, writing stories and walking my daughter's dogs.

I completed five NaNoWriMo challenges. I am learning the
details of writing by reading and studying writer's books. I will fly into FanStory to - more...

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writing tips challenge
"ABDCE rose buds" by flylikeaneagle

Good storytelling takes us on a spiral journey of life. Our characters do something instead of being a couch potato. We get to see through the lens of our main character and how they solve problems. Sometimes, the situations seem difficult as they struggle. As a reader, we might want to give them advice. As a writer, we can watch their story unfold like rose buds. With good soil, time, and water our novel stops us to see its beauty. The main character might connect with friends to confront the enemy or antagonist in the story. In the end, we can cheer for the victory of the characters we grow to love.

In my writing course, my professor points out key elements in writing. His technique that is successful for the students is simply, ABDCE.

A stands for Action. This is what draws the reader into the story and grips them. The main character does something so we can get to know them.

B is for Background. We get an insight into information that happened before we met the main character. This helps us know the character's personal actions as we go through their story.

D is Development. This becomes the meat and potatoes of our storytelling. The plot of the story happens since our characters deal with the rising actions that are thrown their way. The people develop themselves in responses to the situations. They learn patience, perseverance, confidence, trust, and build character. They can deal with the obstacles in the path by succeeding or failing.

C stands for Climax. This is the largest rising action and causes a sudden twist in the story narrative. The character's responses are different in a real and significant way.

E is for Ending. This is where our characters we thought we become someone else because of their journey.

As I journey onward and explore the universe of writing, I applied the ABDCE story outline per my writing professor's requirement.

Enjoy my non-fiction short story. Let me know if you have a similar story to share back.

My brother, Dave, and I loved to walk for blocks around the neighborhood on Halloween night. ((A)) Dave was Bat Man, and I was Fancy Nancy, a flash dancer. We received large bags of candy when we trick or treated. Even though the wind whipped up and the ground was super cold on our feet, we bundled up and hit more homes. ((B) Back at home, we dumped our candy on the dining room table. Dave liked the candy bars and I liked the tootsie rolls. Sometimes, the dark candy rolls were hard. When I bit into the chocolate rolls, I felt my tooth break. Blood would flow as I spotted a white tooth in my fingers. Mom helped me with cool cloths to stop the bleeding. I gave my share of candy to Dave. My tooth went under my pillow for the tooth fairy to find. ((D)) A few weeks later, Mom made an appointment with the dentist to clean my teeth. It seemed like my baby teeth were being replaced by adult teeth. ((C))The dentist spotted several cavities on my baby teeth. I stayed away from tootsie rolls ever since. ((E))

Enjoy your path in writing. I hope that you will pick up the ABDCE outline technique tools. See what you can grow with words. Watch your rose bloom with time. Share the beauty of writing with everyone. Stop and smell the roses in your garden. Maybe, a butterfly will land on your hand. Listen to the birds as they sing sweet songs. Watch the golden autumn leaves fly in the wind after a rainstorm. Throw some words into the air as you pen your masterpiece.

Writing Prompt
Write a story or essay with the topic of "writing". Can be instructional or a character in the story can be a writer. Creative approaches welcomed.
Contest Winner
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by avmurray at

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