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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: October 14, 2018      Views: 183

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My heart is evident in my writing. I have to feel it to write it. I am most passionate about my children and grandchildren.
Always the "good" student in school, I had dreams of being a reporter. That failed when I decided to marry before graduat - more...

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
This work has reached the exceptional level
A fantasy
"My Alaskan" by justafan

I stood watching the flight board until I saw it, Flight 1349 from Atlanta now at gate 12.

It seems like I've waited forever to see him. Now I'm scared... will he like what he sees, will the chemistry still be there, oh god I hope so!

All these months online chatting had finally brought us together. (Phew, deep breath, Melissa! Get your shit together, can't have him picking you up off the Airport floor, can you!!).

I'm holding a little sign that says; WELCOME TO THE SOUTH MY FAVORITE ALASKAN.

Passengers start coming through the turnstiles and my heart feels like it's going to explode! Turning away a second I close my eyes and take another slow deep breath. When I turn I see him just as he sees me, he gives me that beautiful smile that stole my heart a year ago.

It's should be against the law for a man to look as he does and effectively steal my breath away!!

I run into his waiting arms and the kiss he gives me is everything and more that I've dreamed of.

His body lean, solidly pressed against mine. His cologne, intoxicating, lips soft and perfect for kissing. He couldn't BE anymore perfect.

We held tightly in our embrace for god only knows how long because frankly Time stood still for us.

When we finally drew apart, I allowed my fingers to remain and trace the contours of his face. His lips I saved for last. This man is everything I've dreamed of ... wanted in a man. He's tall with sandy colored hair and the bluest eyes I've ever seen.

I don't remember much of our first time because it was purely lust driven by months and months of teasing and video chats.
What I do remember was the click of the hotel room door closing, bags dropping to the floor, clothes disappearing and a soul rendering kiss.

I woke up facing him, daring to believe it was true! He's here asleep next to me!

My hand involuntarily moves to his handsome face ... fingers tracing his hairline around his perfectly shaped ears.

I lean close my lips mere inches from his kissably soft lips, Breathing in the scent of him, which triggers memories of the night before where his touch, his scent, his kisses drove me wild!

Before I could stop myself I savored his lips ... felt him waking, so I deepened my kiss. My hands left his hair to trace his jawline to his lips and back to just below his ear. The back of my hand now traveled to his chest, where I could tell by his breathing he was fully awake and aware of my touch.
His hand came up to grab mine ...taking it to his already engorged member!

I broke the kiss to look into his seductively azure eyes and read his need!

My heart smiled!

"Good morning, handsome. Is this for me?" I ask coyly, knowing full well it was!
A small smile as he pulled me in for a deeper kiss.
My pulse races as his kiss ignites this need deep inside me.

I break from the kiss to feel the slight stubble on his finely chiseled face with my cheek,
nuzzling his face and neck. His body already in need, my attentions drift lower.

Catching his eyes, I run my tongue along my lips and gently bite my lower lip ... eyes smiling.

Sighing his eyes closed and I continued my decent over his abdomen. Nipples hard and erect, I let my tongue brush the tips while my warm breath added an extra sensation.

My hands moving lower and with purpose. He was so ready for me.
Hard, yet soft as silk to the touch, he drove me wild with desire.

It had been years since I had been this intimate which caused a tiny bit of apprehension but I was serious in my quest to satisfy my Adonis.

My fingers wrapped around his beautiful(yes I said beautiful) cock, sliding the full length of him,
rock hard and ready.

My tongue gently followed the ridge around his love muscle. I tasted him and wanted more!
My mouth closed over his cock and I heard him moan, I almost came right there, this was so thrilling... being in charge!

He whispered "Yes baby...take it!", and I did just that! Slowly at first but a little faster and deeper until I took all of him in my hungry mouth. This was thrilling... feeling his body arch up to give me all of him! He was fucking my mouth and if You've never done this then your missing out!

I tasted the salty pre-cum and savored it but wanting all I pushed him for the rest.
Removing my mouth from his cock I used my hands to lift his sac to my mouth. Sucking one at a time while my fingers traced little circles back to his ass. This drove him to grab my hair and pull me from his sac back to his cock and pushed my mouth down on him... he rocked into my mouth over and over ... fast and furious like he was possessed... which he was... by me!
Within minutes he was erupting in my mouth... with a long satisfying "Ahhh!".

Without being touched by him intimately, I had one of the best orgasms of my life!

He pulled me into his arms and whispered ... I love you!

I was complete!

Sexual Fantasy writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
A sexual fantasy, written with class.


Author Notes
I hope u enjoy.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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