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    Passionate Love in Black and White Contest Winner 
 Category:  Romance Poetry
  Posted: October 19, 2018      Views: 279

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Faceless yet voidless, with no form that can ever stop trying to grow. Some may call this survival instinct viral, or parasitic. Yet it is the only way to keep moving on . . .

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This work has reached the exceptional level
On the evolution and decline of race relations
"Love and Destruction" by Lance Polin
It was 1923 when I finally fell in love.
I was a white man, well to do.
My grandfather had been a hero in the civil war.
He loved only the white race and hated all others.
'Mud people,' he called them.
And this is how I was raised.

We lived on a farm--cotton and tobacco and nothing to eat.
Most of our workers were black.
They worked the fields
They sang their songs
They fulfilled every stereotype (I thought) that my mother and father believed.
They were all treated horribly.
It was like slavery reborn.
And I loved it.
I was told to love it like the way it had always been.

But I never understood
The concept of race.
I saw human as human.
The hated liberals would sometimes start shouting.
They would claim that they 'do not see color,' which is absurd.
Of course they see it.
There would be no reason to say this if they didn't.

My perspective was different.
I saw color, but I hated all humanity.
To me we are all equally worthless.
And I have no patience for superficial hatreds.
Get to know a person, I said.
You'll find a much better reason to hate them.

Then it all changed.
I was fifty-seven years old, owner of the farm and never married.
I hated children.
I hated women.
I hated myself.
Self-destructively I took up with my housemaid.
I wanted to shock the world.
I wanted them to hate me too.

But she was good.
She was kind.
And when she discovered that I was sick, she promised to take care of me.
And we fell in love.
We were married.
I started feeling better and we decided to have a child.
It was stillborn.
Mariana died in childbirth.
And I was all alone once more.

I look to the sky at night
And all I can see is black and white.
And I wish I'd lived my life
In a different way.

Writing Prompt
Write a passionate love poem, any style, any length. Try to make us feel the heat and passion of your lovers without being vulgar or blatant. It has to be clean enough so you don't need to put any warnings on your poem.
Passionate Love in Black and White
Contest Winner


Author Notes
The author has decided to take on a serious theme instead of the usual satirical denunciation s/he ordinarily ascribes to love poetry. The only romance that has impact, according to s/he, is tragic romance. In literature the feeling of loss is far more powerful than joy.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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