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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: October 20, 2018      Views: 159

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"Sarah's Death" by country ranch writer

"Cody, Sarah's brother, called me, Sarah's dead."
"Sarah's dead."
"Well, what do you want to do now?"
"This is all messed up!"
"Her friends just got arrested by the police!"
"They were near there when Sarah died."
"Oh, no!"
"Who called Cody."
"Who is Sean?"
"The policeman."
"The informant told him my name."
"He just called me and said, he has information on Sarah's death."
"You believed him?"
"Who is this mystery person?"
"He says his name is Josh."
"He claims to be a friend of Sarah's working with her undercover."
"Oh! Yeah, I met him once."
"Come over, okay?"
"Be right there!"
"Come in, oh, I see you met Josh."
"He was coming up the walk as I started in the house."
"Glad to see you again."
"What do you have for us?"
"Do you have some money for me?"
"Depends on what you have found out."
" Found out a lot of tidbits, but nothing adds up."
"Tell me."
"I have to know."
"Start at the beginning, ok?"
"It wasn't an accident."
"Just get to the point,"
"I am getting to that."
"I'm getting there. "
"We're you discreet?"
"I pretended I was one of the reporters."
"What else?"
"Her death wasn't an accident, I can tell you that."
"What about the police?"
"What about them?"
"They still have the suspects in custody?"
"They let them go."
"Their alibi checked out."
"Then how was she killed?"
" She was run off the road."
"Why, was she driving at night, to begin with?"
"I don't know."
"She can't drive at night!"
"She has night blindness!"
"They say her brakes gave out."
"That's a bold face lie!"
"Her brakes were just fixed."
" Last week."
" I will look into it."
" Sean?"
" Be, careful!"
" I will."
"Josh, here!"
"When did this happen?"
"Just now as I was leaving your place!"
"Are you sure?"
"Hell yeah, I'm sure!"
"Someone tried to kill me!"
"Whoa, you must have rattled someone's chain."
"I have seen that same car before."
"When and where?"
"Two months ago, he was parked across the street from Sarah's house."
"Where are you?"
"I will be right there!"
"What are you going to do?"
"I called the police they are on there way."
"Everything points to some sort of cover-up. Doesn't it?"
"Well, my gut feeling is telling me we are getting close."
"The cops said, after looking around; they needed more evidence to go on."
"But what?"
"Oh, nothing."
"What have you decided to do next?"
"You will just have to listen to me right now,"
"Josh, Go home and stay out of sight."
" I can do it."
"What next?"
"I think he is coming back to tie up some loose ends."
"He says, I know now what has to be done."
"I will be there tomorrow."
"Hey! You made it." I smile.
" Did you have any trouble getting away?"
"Did you have any doubt?"
"Boss knew I was taking a few days off. No big deal."
" I'm pretty sure Cody knew who it was all along and he has been hiding it from us."
"You can't be serious? How can that be?"
" I found out some things."
"How many people know?"
" Just you and me."
"We needed more time and more evidence."
" He knows much more than he is saying, and of course he has patient confidentiality on his side."
He claims he has no idea where the guy is hiding."
" Before we bring in the authorities, we have to find more evidence."
" We have to find Cody soon. He may not be safe."
"You believe he has been lying to us all this time?"
"It looks that way. I just need a little more proof."
"We have to make him talk."
"We have to make him tell us the truth why Sarah was killed."
"I'd rather hear it from him than the polices version."
"You know what I mean."
"How could her own brother be involved somehow in this?
"I don't honestly know."
"Hopefully we can get him to tell us what we need to know and we can get on with catching the guilty party."
"Yes, I can't stay here indefinitely."
"I just got word, there has been an accident."
" It was Josh, "
"I don't think it was an accident. It's too much of a confidence."
" I think you're right. somebody must have run Josh off the road."
" I have to go find Cody."
" Whoever killed Josh won't have any qualms now about tying up loose ends and killing Cody."
" Do you think they figured Josh had the evidence we needed to nail him?"
" Someone knew. And maybe that's why they killed him in the car crash."
"How Cody got involved in this mess I will never know or understand."
"I agree he was such a good friend to all of us and I know he loved his sister dearly."
"Cody has seemed to have slipped off the radar," Sean's last update. No one has seen hide nor hair of him."
" I don't think the killer ever felt the blow to his head till it was too late."
"The police bulletin just in said, Mad Max, was found dead outside of Cody's place of business." "Sean was on the scene."
"I wonder if Cody had anything to do with this?"
"Why or what was Cody hiding about his sister's death?"
"Did she know this Mad Max guy?"
"Did he have something to do with the death threats she got?"
"Was he blackmailing her?"
"Why did she suddenly quit her job and go into hiding?"
"Will we ever know the truth?"

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