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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: December 27, 2018      Views: 212
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Chapter 9 of the book Saving Naomi
Naomi remembers the accident that killed her husband.
"The Accident" by KatyM

Naomi was left at a bus stop with no memory of what happened. In this chapter she is going through hypnosis and is remembering things that happened.

At first I only remember bits and pieces. Dr. H uses hypnotism on me to help me remember the day of the accident. I sit in the recliner, put my feet up and lean back. He uses a very calm voice. He has me look at something that goes back and forth and then I close my eyes.

"Now, Naomi, you are in the car with Dave. You are heading somewhere. Where are you going?"

"We are on our way to Black Mountain for the Apple Festival. The road is very narrow and is like riding a roller coaster the way the road winds down.
I look back and see that a car is following a little too closely. Dave tries to put on the brake by gently tapping them. They are not stopping the car. He tries to control the car, but it keeps going faster because of the road going downhill. I tell Dave to look out and before I finish what I am saying our car goes over the side of the road. I look up and we are flying in the air. We land and roll three, maybe four times before we come to a complete stop."

"Now Naomi, you said you looked back and saw a car. What does it look like?"

I hesitate and then I say, "I remember looking back because the car was bumping us. It was black-a black Cadillac. I saw the Cadillac symbol in the middle of the car hood."

"Naomi, What else do you see? Can you make out the front license plate?"

"Yes, I can see it! It says, 734-CZS. I can't tell what state because it is covered up with a silver frame around it."

"Very good, Naomi. Now when I count to ten, you are going to wake up and remember what you told me."

I open my eyes and smile at the doctor. " I remember about the car that was chasing Dave and I before the accident. I had my doubts about using hypnotism, but it seems to have worked. "

"Yes, it has Naomi. Next time we will talk about when you were taken from the hospital. Why don't you set an appointment for later this week with my receptionist? It will give you time to process this session." I say goodbye to Dr. H and go to the receptionist and make an appointment to see him Thursday.

After my session with my doctor, I walked to my car, thinking about what I told him under hypnosis. Why would someone have been chasing us and forcing us off the road?

I need to get a hold of Michael and tell him about my hypnosis session and see what he makes of it. I pull out my phone and press 2 on my speed dial for Michael.
He answers on the second ring.

"Michael, this is Naomi Richards, how are you?"
I put him on my blue tooth phone while I drive out of the parking area. "I am fine, Naomi, I was wanting to call you. I'm glad you called."

"Michael, I just came from my psychiatrist's office. We had a hypnosis session today. I am making progress and I'm starting to remember more about the day of the accident. Can you come by soon so I can share with you what I found out?"

"Sure Naomi, I can drop by. I'm not too far away right now."

"I will be home in 15 minutes. I will see you then."

Just as I parked in my driveway I see Michael pull up behind me. He got out of his car and came and opened my car door for me.

I give him a hug, it felt kind of awkward. We haven't seen each other in a couple of months.
"Come on in Michael." I unlock the door and keep it open for him to follow me in.

"Would you like some coffee or tea?"

"Tea would be great."

He follows me into the kitchen and sits down on one of the bar stools, watching me as I'm putting the kettle of water to boil.

"So Michael, have you gotten any news about the men that took me out of the hospital?"

"Yes, I do. The men were not employed by the hospital. Everyone of the hospital staff has been questioned and have an alibi for the night in question. I think we will be looking closer to your husband's activities before the accident and see if he had any enemies."

"The day we had the accident, there was a black car chasing us. It was a black Cadillac. I looked back and saw the license plate. It said 734-CZS I am positive. It kept hitting our back bumper."

Michael takes out his little tablet where he keeps his notes. He flips to a blank page and writes down the license plate I gave him.
"Good Naomi, did you come up with this information when you had your Dr. visit today?"

"Yes, I wasn't able to remember it until today. So, this should help you find who is responsible for Dave's death right?"

"Yes, we will run the plate number through our database to see if we can get a hit. You did good work today. This is going to help us find whomever caused the accident. I need to get back to the station. If you remember anything else, don't hesitate to call me."

I walk him to the door and tell him bye.

Thursday comes, and I go through the same process again with Dr. H.

“Naomi, close your eyes. You are in the hospital. Now tell me what happens when those men came to get you.”

“Everything is blurry when I open my eyes. I look around, but it’s dark. Suddenly two men come into my room. They are dressed in scrubs and have badges on. I can’t read what they say. They turn off the monitor and then unhook me from it.

“Ok Naomi, what happened next?

“They grab hold of me, mostly dragging me to the door. One of the men has a syringe and tries to stick me with the needle. I am flapping my arms and actually manage to push him away, and he drops the syringe. They knock on the door twice, and someone opens it. The two men drag me to the end of the hall to the outside. No one hears me screaming. I might as well be invisible. They drag me out into the cold. They sat me on the bench at the bus stop. They wait for the bus. When it stops, I hear one of the men tell the bus driver where to send me.They give the man an envelope, and they push me up the stairs and into a seat. They prop me up against  the window so I don’t slide off the chair. There was one of the guys that looked back at me as he left the bus. He has a tattoo on his right hand of a snake with two heads. He also has a ring on his finger. It was a gold band with an Onyx stone on it.”

“Good Naomi, Can you describe anything else about the men?”

“One man had a tattoo on his forearm of an Eagle. It was an outline and tapered off at the end. The other man had a ponytail, it was a dirty dishwater blonde color.”

“Ok, Naomi, very good. Now when I count to ten, you will wake up and remember what you said about the men.”

“Wow, I do remember, do you think this will help the police to find out who cause the fatal accident that killed Dave?”

“I hope so, Naomi, this will help. We have discovered several things, one being that the men were not part of the staff and the license tag you remembered from the other session we had last week.”

“Will, I ever remember about what happened in my past before the accident, Dr. Hempstein?”

“I am hoping these sessions will help you discover some of what has happened to you in your childhood.”
“I feel like there is something in my past that it can harm myself or my sisters. I think that is why I haven’t been able to remember. Well, bye for now, Dr. H., I will see you next week.”



The book continues with The Secret. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Not sure where this chapter will end up once the book is finished.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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