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 Category:  Romance Fiction
  Posted: January 31, 2019      Views: 109

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What Happened
"Honeymoon" by country ranch writer

A honeymoon from hell should be more like it. The couple was so much in love they couldn't wait to get away from the grind of everyday life. They had planned it seems like forever to scrimp and save to get away for some time together. Sally and Jim planned to be off the grid for the duration of their honeymoon, so they would not be interrupted. This is what the detective was told as the scene unfolds.
She was a beautiful girl, slender and so full of life she loved the outdoors. She was just twenty-one, and Jim was twenty -three a very active man, he loved to camp, fish and hunt. They met at a country bar one evening. They were there to learn how to line dance. The couple began dating after and fell in love. She really didn't know much of his background. He refused to talk about it. She had no family and very few friends. She had a job as a librarian, and he had a job as a dealer at a casino or, so she thought.

Why in the world would a person marry someone they knew nothing about. The detective wanted to know. He was investigating the case it was frustrating to say the least. It was Mike's job to find out what happened to Sally on the island.
They found her all alone at the house just sitting there rocking in a chair. All she says
over and over again is I didn't know. She didn't know just how inconvenient his dying was for her.
She had tears in her eyes. Sally, had been, with him yesterday. And yesterday he had been just fine. Some people hiking stopped to rest at Jim and Sally's place found Sally rocking back and forth saying over and over I didn't know. They noticed she was in a bad mental state. There was a dead body in the bedroom. They drove as fast as they could to a place they could reach a signal on their cell phone, and called the police detective and the doctor.

"We'll be there as soon as I can." The doctor said, "The cops were coming out with him."

They gave the doctor the address, then said,"They'd wait till he got there".

It seemed like hours and hours waiting for everyone to get there. Barry, who was nineteen and very muscular tried to be brave for his girlfriend. She was a very tall girl for her age, probably about eighteen, and very upset.

Barry gave a silent sigh of relief after the cops showed up.

Coming out of the house closing the door behind him the detective said, "The medical examiner believes that he suffered a massive heart attack while having sex."

"Oh! My GOD!" Barry's girlfriend Bonnie whispered so Sally couldn't hear her. "No wonder she is in such a state!"

The detective said,"Things like this has been known to happen"

"You got to help her," Bonnie said to the detective."

"She will be alright." The detective said, "The doctor will take her to the hospital for observation."

Bonnie looked at her watch and said, "We'd better get back soon my parents will start worrying where we are soon."

Barry told her,"It will be all right. They would understand."

"I guess I am ready to go home now." Bonnie told him.
"Would you kids like an escort home?" The detective offered.

"Yes, Thank you!" Barry said.

"It will beat skiing all the way back after this," Bonnie chimed in.

The doctor sent Sally to the hospital before the coroner took Jim's body to the morgue.

Arriving at the hospital, they assigned Sally a room in the mental ward for observation. A Sweet foggy darkness seemed to be settling around her, a result of the medication, She felt cold, too, she felt she should be having more emotion. All of this could not be happening to her, the pounding in her head was fading some. She wasn't sure what she felt sorrow, of course she loved him very much didn't she. She closed her eyes drifting off it felt so nice and warm it was the most pleasant feeling in the world.

Honeymoon contest entry
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by Wolfdancer13 at

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