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Please Read Author Notes; Acrostic: WALK TALK WITH GOD CLARIFY ME GOD'S WORDS
 Category:  Spiritual Poetry
  Posted: February 22, 2019      Views: 371

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Visit, see God's plan for my Premier Shield, writing, completing 100,000 reviews, posts on God 27052020

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Walk, Talk with God, Clarify God's Words:Acrostic Free Verse
"Clarify Me God's Words" by Alcreator Litt Dear
Walk, talk with God; clarify me God's Words
And help me live as per God's Words in essence
Let me learn to appreciate God at par with God's words to my best
Knowing is not enough; help me live in and live by God's words truly

They say, God is a 'desire-demand-dream fulfilling' machine
As man secretly, privately, or publicly criticize God daringly
Lot of people condemn God, and prove God wrong always
Knottily, a few people tell filthy words to God in confidence

Wise fool, self-declared, self-taught fake preachers, and canvassers of God
Interpret God a 'deaf-dumb-blind' God among some fanatic followers
They tell, God awards justice only to the liars, criminals and cruel men
Heaven is for sacred, religious killer-warriors, and divine war-mongers

Good preachers say God knows each man, family, and language
Only God knows each man's problems, wants, and needs
Dominantly, of His Creations, God knows each man by name

Clear me, some men say, why talking prayers to God is necessary every day
Let me know, why we should praise, appreciate and worship God
And why God pardons each untrue confession spoken before Him
Rightly, why God does not award punishment to the criminals instantly
In a word, tell me, why God does not award for my perfect performance
Fine, why God does not acknowledge my worship, appeal and prayer
You clarify, why complaints against God are made with God only

Make me clear, why I believe, God can do everything for everyone
Earnestly, why God entertains no reviews of His justice immediately

God is invisible to some men, but visible to a few; it is not fair
Oh! Why God does not appear to prove His power or mightiness
Divinely, why God does not forecast or foretell man's future life
Say, why God keeps His Justice ever secret and confidential

Wondrous purposes, and secrets of God's Creations are unclear to man
Only, God creates everything first, but when, how, and why, is unclear
Really, God, per His different names, gives power to His different devotees 
Deems God creates man in the same design, shape, and structure ever
Seems God maintains uniformity in diversity in His types of Creations

An Acrostic Free Verse Poem Contest writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write an Acrostic Free Verse Poem, without rhymes on, about God's Words, in 22 lines or more


Author Notes
Please read author notes in order to save our resources, time

Yes, contest ended in February 2019

Yes, today, this is not a contest entry

Never confuse with the title with the acrostic poem

Title: Clarify Me God's Words (because this site does not offer space to fit in with the acrostic words to make the acrostic free verse

This site has word limit for writing title of a work, so acrostic words are lesser than the acrostic free verse

Why the title is different (in lesser words) from the acrostic free verse, is clear to you, never confuse with title and the poem, enjoy the work

This work is expressed in my own art and style of expression of an acrostic free verse poem

Clarity of thoughts or expression is my prime concern

Please excuse me for all my deliberate use of repetition of words and for no use of full stop for I think the subject or matter is unending or unlimited, and while I am not afraid of being different in terms of my own art and style of expression

Please be sure, I have fulfilled the prompt or requirement of the contest; I created the contest; this site provides limited space for writing a title, so the title of this acrostic free verse poem is different from the poem

This does not promote or canvass any known or unknown and recognised or unrecognised religion and published or unpublished, specific, or particular religious scripture, religious philosophy, religious doctrine, religious book or religious faith or belief, culture, creed, or any religious group, family or institution

God is religion free

God is God, One, Only, Absolute, Almighty, let some people treat God as Gods, ignorantly or foolishly, with different names for different powers

This does not relate to any specific, known, recognised, particular religion or any published religious scripture or religious books or doctrines

This was a contest entry earlier (last year)

GOD'S (acrostic letters), of the poem, used as GODS (acrostic letters) downward, in making the poem

This is not a contest entry today, for the contest ended in 2019

Picture borrowed from internet

Thank you for reading and writing a fair review

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Alcreator Litt Dear All rights reserved.
Alcreator Litt Dear has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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