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 Category:  Supernatural Fan Fiction
  Posted: March 29, 2019      Views: 187
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I write for the believers, the non-believers, and the true believers.

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Chapter 18 of the book Demons, Heroes and Fortune Cookies
Life, like the faces of a coin, has two sides
"Parallelism" by Cybertron1986

A dorm room, where a murdered soul lingers, is occupied by a geeky but athletic young man with a dark family past. There�¢??s a glow about him, that foretells the fate of both the spirit, and the wo

"Check your mailbox! I sent you a package!"

"But, I'm doing laundry," El tells his sister. "'There's a peanut butter stain on my WHAM!' shirt."

"You mean that shirt with the words 'CHOOSE LIFE' printed in big, black capital letters? You need to throw that away."

El laughs, his tone suggests a lightbulb moment to the awkward realization of his outdated fashion sense. "Yeah," he replies, uncomfortably. "That one."

His sister giggles, "That package I sent you is going to surpriiiiiiiize you."


"I gotta go, big brother. I'm going to a party. Tell me what you think of it when you open it!"

El makes a request for his mom to mail his collection of Robby Thompson baseball cards before hanging up the phone, abruptly saying, "I love you" before hanging up.

The walk to the mailbox in the dormitory lobby is unexpectedly met with the muffled, shy laughter of approval from a group of International girls from countries he's never been to. Covering their mouths, they comment in different languages about El's sprinter's physique, revealed from his cut-off t-shirt that displays the Chinese character for 'Love,' a rather obvious, but mistaken sign of El's implied desperation for companionship.

His interpretation of their laughter triggers a high school memory; one that has attached onto him like a hidden, but unforgotten scar...

-Summer 1989, Stockton, California-

A dark grey car, its old engine coughing like a dying soon to be obsolete model, rumbles to a stop by a boy carrying a wooden softball bat on his shoulders with a broken, soiled mitt that is one size too small. Upon closer observation, we see the boy to be a younger El, who is years away from attending University. The middle of his bat has an autograph of Steve Garvey that is signed with a blue sharpie, and protected with double-sided tape that has dirt and grass stuck to the outside.

Laughter pierces through the convulsing rattle of the car's muffler as taunting words spew from open windows. Their ridicule hits El in the form of an egg thrown from the backseat. El's naive perception of the world is supported only by his faith and characteristics portrayed in the pages of Spider-Man Comics.

"Dude!" a voice yells from the passenger seat. "A skinny-buff China man from Japan thinks he's Jose Canseco!"

Another egg is thrown that hits El's exposed arm, its shell pierces his lower right elbow. He examines the blood that drips like a tear drop from a broken heart. El looks up, noticing that one of the laughing passengers is a former classmate who sat behind him in history class three years ago during middle school. This is the same classmate he helped find answers to a chapter test about the Civil War.

"Hey, China man!" the driver yells, pulling at the corners of each eye to purposefully present an uncomfortable squint meant to demean him. "You're a little too early for Halloween, China man. Did your mom dress you with those tube socks?!"

Without wincing, El pulls out the eggshell from his elbow, wiping away the blood that slowly clots.

Before speeding away, the tormentors laugh one last time.


He arrives home, ringing the doorbell as the word "Wannabe" subconsciously replays in his mind. His father opens the front door with a noticeable, annoyed expression because, he is missing the Red Sox game.

"You've spent the entire day playing baseball again?!" his father asks, upset.

El nods, turning his body to conceal his wound.

"Why don't you stay home?!" his father continues irate, "You have a younger sister that needs attention! There's cleaning around the house that needs to be done! You're wasting time! You're not good at sports. Just quit before you fail!"

El is ashamed. He mutters an apology as his father continues rambling how life on the farm was difficult. He explains how the family's survival depended on the cooperation of all the family members. "Playing baseball," his father adds, "is a luxury. Not a necessity. Remember that."

His father walks back to his recliner, where he continues watching the broadcast of the Red Sox vs. the Oakland A's in relaxation.

The words of the past continue echoing. But, for this night, a different tone challenges the uncontrolled doubt inside him.

-Present day, October 1, 1996, Mary Park Hall Dormitory-

El retrieves a large brown envelope from his mailbox. Rushing into his room, he opens it with curiosity to what the thickness in the envelope could entail. Reaching in, he pulls out a letter and the latest holiday issue of 'Animerica.' El takes the letter, reading it as he places the magazine onto his bed shelf directly below his copy of 'Web of Spider-Man' issue #31, that is perfectly tacked onto the wall.

The letter reads:

Dear Insignificant Second-Born Brother #2,

Surprize! Remember that drawing you convinced and helped me color for the contest? Skip to the 'Fan Art Gallery' page. That drawing of our Veritech Fighter and Rick Hunter won honorable mention! Thanks for pushing me. I know I didn't want to submit anything when you told me about the contest. I guess it's because I didn't think we could win. Now, I feel like drawing forever! Maybe, one day, I'll become an artist? Can't wait for the next contest. Thanks for believing in me!

Insignificant Last Born Sister #3

Emotionless, he secures the letter inside a desk drawer that is against the window. El is aware of his roommate's absence. However, from the corner of his eye, he notices, rather calmly, an insidious outline of a girl, her face hidden behind long, black ruffled hair. Her dirty white dress clearly reflects onto the window.

Startled, but calm, El pretends to be unaware of her presence. He begins calculating from the corner of his eyes the analytical possibilities.

He concludes the image is a figment of his imagination; an illusion of the company he desires.

The shadow raises its neck. Its face is covered completely behind hair that is darker than any shadow.

She moves like a puppet, invisible strings attached, in a haunting glide.

Her reflection in the window is enough to startle El. He turns to find his closed door.

Between them, for now, a line distinguishes them from one another; an unseen line drawn as a warning to separate the living from the shadows of a lifeless place.

Soon, once again, El will soon find himself back in that darkness.

The book continues with Dark Vacancy. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
This is a continuation from my novel that I have been working on when time is allotted from both work and family. Please understand that this is a developing story, and you are arriving near the middle of events. Therefore, parts may be misunderstood. Previous chapters are available by clicking onto my portfolio to clarify any questions. Thank you in advance for any insights and comments.

The picture used is the actual drawing that was printed in the holiday issue of Animerica from 1996. Yes, this is a true story. The name of my sister and I are printed below the drawing we submitted.
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