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 Category:  Writing Non-Fiction
  Posted: April 25, 2019      Views: 76

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A story about being in the dark
"The Ride" by Sandra Elizabeth Williams

I stepped into the elevator on the ground floor at work and pressed the second floor button. I watched as the two stainless steel doors met in the middle, like a couple kissing, lips locked together. The elevator started to move then stopped. The lights went out instantly. My eyes could not adjust to anything and hysteria rose within me. Terrified of the darkness I began screaming.

So many times before this I'd been in the elevator and had memorized the location of the alarm. At that moment a tiny part of my brain recalled this information. I ran my right hand over the right panel and pressed the button...about five times, consecutively.

I hoped someone would hear and come to my rescue, but no sooner did I think the thought, it occurred that no one would be able help since, obviously it was a power outage. This was not a case of the elevator being stuck because of malfunction. I screamed some more and started beating the doors with all my might. It seemed futile, as the heavy metal doors were so huge compared to my small hands.

I pressed the alarm again, screamed louder and banged harder on the doors. I tried to calm myself trying to think that I could wait it out, but the realization that I was locked in alone did nothing to soothe my fears. I still could see nothing. The darkness was how I imagined the earth was before God said, "Let there be light"...thick with blackness. I started a fresh round of screaming until I felt voiceless. I felt like death was imminent.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the elevator doors being pulled open. When they were wide enough, I stumbled out, sobbing. Two co-workers held me as I was visibly shaken. My hair was dishevelled; in fact I looked like I was being rescued from a bombing disaster, minus cuts and bruises.

My rescuers explained the power outage and that it took a few minutes to get the generator started, but they had heard the screaming coming from the elevator and the pommelling on the doors. Needless to say, I was fully traumatized.

I no longer ride the elevator at work. I use the stairs and avoid elevators in other buildings. If I must use an elevator, I ensure I am not alone; that I have someone's hand to hold.

The Dark writing prompt entry

Writing Prompt
Write a story where your character is stuck in complete darkness.

Author Notes
Photo found in Google.

Thank you for reading.
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