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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: May 12, 2019      Views: 32

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When silence is no longer golden you need to speak up
"Why are we still silent" by Stephen Force
When injustice reigns
silence betokens assent
misery abounds
I don’t speak for or to all of us
just to those of us who sit mute on the eve of destruction
Silenced by fear of retribution, or ignorance of a solution
Sitting silent in the face of inequity and its obstruction
Sitting in silence as the 99% rail against greed
Sitting in silence as Black lives matter cries for justice
Sitting in silence as an opioid addicted society self-medicates;
and the world being raped of its ability to sustain itself - dies
The 1% cracks its monetary whip over the will of the other 99
As the land of the free strives again to oppress its citizenry
Technology giving them the ability to punish and control with impunity
As addiction saps the strength of those unable or unwilling to adapt or rebel
and the planet is in the throes of shaking us off like a parasitic infection
Why are we silent?
In a nation born of protestation against inequity
where the right to rail against injustice is guaranteed
where we defend with our lives the right of others to live free
In the face of our own subjugation by injustice;
I ask;
Why are we still silent?

Author Notes
Too often, cloistered among ourselves in private, speaking in hushed whispers, we have conversations that need to be had publicly, and shouted from rooftops.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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