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 Category:  Self Improvement Science Fiction
  Posted: May 18, 2019      Views: 220
Prologue 1 2 3 4... 

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"I am learning to write."
"It has been a long Journey with many difficulties...
"Losses, Depressions, and other Abnormalities."
"Come with me and watch as I grow and share with you!"
Doctor Ricky 1024.

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #43 spot on the rankings.

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
This work has reached the exceptional level

Prologue of the book Out Standing Stories and Poems
An Introduction.
"Prologue for Out Standing Storie" by Ricky1024

"The Prologue"
'Outstanding Stories and Poems.'
"Is a collection of many, many, thoughts through a period of over sixty years."
"Thoughts long trapped and suddenly reborn."
"Brought back to life from my memories."
"As if suspended."
"Thoughts that will become nightmares."
"And then those remaining, transferred as if in dreams."
"As you explore and move forward, ever deeper into my life, you will realize this and find yourself reliving my Journeys."
"Rewarding the Earth with New Life"
Written on May 18th, 2019
By Doctor Ricky 1024
Copyright C. Fanstory 2019
'All Rights Reserved'

Many, many, years are now long cast.
Earth has outlived its expectations, no longer exists and no longer lasts.
Yes, life as we knew it?
Long Cast...
Long ago destroyed by the Follies of Mankind.
From Nuclear Explosions to Horrid Erosion!
From Overdevelopment and destruction of All Animal Life...
To Implosion!
Earth is but the Shell of its glorious beginning...
Some say too much...
Too soon...
While others...
Far, far, above?
Know it's lack of love.
World War Seven put the Earth into a backwards spin...
Never again to move forward...
Forward herself...
Or again spin?
Almost but others in charge soon may soon disagree?
'Yes Mother?'
'What are we going to do now that Earth's in distress?' Asks Heavenly Mother.
'Sadly, My beautiful Earth's?' "Plight ?'
'There's not much I can do this night.'
'You see.'
States Heavenly Father.
'But Dear!'
'You worked so very hard on this one for six days and nights?'
Complains Heavenly Mother.
'Yes, I know and the firmaments no longer show.'
'The Purple Mountain Majesties?'
'Are not very Majestical.'
'The Green,Green, Earth the place of all My Human-Kind Birth?'
'But a shell.'
'It seems.'
States Heavenly Mother.
'That all your hard work is gone to Hell?'
Heavenly Father Ponders the thought.
'Yrs, Mother?'
'Lets have A Big Party!'
'And, let's have a party inviting all the Planets, all the Galaxies and all the Universes!'
Asks Heavenly Mother.
We'll see.
One week later...


Okay Jupiter what did you bring to the party?'
Asks Heavenly Mother.
'I brought...
"The Purple Mountains Majesty!"
'You see?'
'It seems we had a need.'
'You see?'
'Look Father!'
'So beautiful!'
'And you sister Saturn?'
'What did you bring?'
'I brought a new Moon.'
'See how it glows?'
'The old one...
'Was destroyed from Earth's World War Seven.'
'And you brother Mercury?'
Asks Heavenly Mother.
'What did you bring to the parties table?'
'I brought the color of Blue...
(Actually Azure-blue)
'To bring color back and to return the Firmaments to their Glory!'
'Oh thanks dear and you brother Mars?'
'Did you bring a gift?'
'Yes, I brought the brightness of Stars from My Planer Mars.'
"To again, illuminate and two give back light around the planet Earth.'
'Oh, how wonderful too!'
Glows Heavenly Mother.
'And, you cousin Uranus?' 'What's your gift?'
'If I may so ask?'
'Well Heavenly Mother.'
'I brought what is needed the most.'
'Intelligence of from Our Civilization and the Peace Everlasting.'
After a moment of silence..
'Lastly you, My Dear Husband?'
'Our Heavenly Father from Above?'
No Answer...
'My Husband?'
'What did you bring?'
'Did you bring a gift?'
In tears again...
Heavenly Father States...
'Yes, I thought hard about this Earth party from above.'
'So I brought what I forgot when I created Earth from above.'
'Which is simply...
'The Gift of Love.'
'Love and Everlasting Love.'
'So this travesty?'
'Will never happen again.'
'And You?'
'My Darling Wife and Lover?'
'Heavenly Mother what is your gift?'
He Ponders.
'To complete this party?'
She Ponders the question and slowly opens her womb! As if a Hidden...
Long, lost, tomb and says...
'From all of Earth's many Woes....
'Her countless Pains...
'Wars and Destructions...
'Hatred and Corruptions...
'From All of the Rape. Molestations, Thievery and Death!'
"From all of the Depressions...
Humility and Loss...
'To Unending Strife...
'I bring to this Earthen Party...
"New Life!"
Approximate Word Count: 680.

The book continues with Within the Silence of a Lamb's P. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
"Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ."
"Fanstory and Tom the Administrator."
"Fan Art Review, this Amazing Artist,
"And, het incredible picture, "The Rebirthing"
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Ricky1024 All rights reserved.
Ricky1024 has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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