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 Category:  Supernatural Fan Fiction
  Posted: May 21, 2019      Views: 290
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I write for the believers, the non-believers, and the true believers.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 20 of the book Demons, Heroes and Fortune Cookies
The mystery deepens with an unlikely gesture
"Nightmare" by Cybertron1986

A dorm room, where a murdered soul lingers, is occupied by a geeky but athletic young man with a dark family past. There is a glow about him, that foretells the fate of both the spirit, and the world

October 17, 1996, 6:02 a.m., one week earlier...

A shadowy cloud moves ominously to the end of the hall of Mary Park's first floor, where the all boys rooms are assigned.

From every angle, the light of the early morning, nor the lights from the ceiling are able to justify the concise movements of the shadow that appears fueled by purpose rather than from the faint sunlight of an early dawn that peeks through a small window. A dense mist thickens around a doorknob with control, convincingly appearing to grasp the knob with urgency.

The door shakes, but the sound goes unheard by the sleeping residents who will awaken from their sleep within the hour to the seventh anniversary of game three of the 1989 World Series, when a magnitude 6.9 earthquake froze the world of sports.

On the other side of the shaking door, Eu El remains asleep until the noise of metal and wood creates enough disturbance to stir his attention. He discovers his body's unwillingness to react to the desperation of force that creaks his door to a slow open.

The shaking stops briefly as the silence suddenly gives way to the sound of the rusted hinges that enable El's partial consciousness to distinguish a familiar, but unwanted recognition of a pale foot.

Again, the foot slowly drags along the carpet touching it just barely as the saturation from the dripping seams of a dirty white dress leave behind a cold, wet trail of water.

With morbid grace, this uninvited guest completely reveals itself from behind the rusty door in a surreal hover. Each of its long, pointy toenails graze along the bumpy carpet as if without concern, or soul.

The moment feels as if the familiarity of time and tangibility had been replaced by a realm not governed by the laws of earthly physics, but by the inescapable, dark forces that surrounds each celestial body engulfed in the blackness of the universe.

It pauses either to be noticed, or to issue a silent warning to El, whose conscious has partially returned. His faint wake is confirmed only by the noticeable chill of mist that exhales from his breaths.

Each foot of the visitor turn counterclockwise in a complete, awkward circle that implies some disturbing sign of disagreement with the world's normalcy. And, without effort, the feet complete their twist, stopping as each pointed toenail turns toward El's bedside.

Like prey bitten by paralyzing venom, El struggles to open his eyes. He is able to turn his neck to get a better view of his guest. Yet, his efforts seem to anger the stranger.

El makes more effort to take sight of what he believes is a nightmare. The moment steadily materializes into a convincing, undeniable truth he refuses to accept.

The feet come in and out of sight with each of El's forced glance, floating closer as his rising heartbeats equal the intensity of the drumbeats in New Order's song, "Bizarre Love Triangle" (The Extended Dance Mix Version).

Turning his head one last time, El discovers the feet has vanished.

He breathes a sigh of relief. The now vacant spot of the carpet convinces him the last few minutes were one of many bad dreams, this one being more unforgettable than the any other. Yet, his state of paralysis convinces him the event was real, and unfinished.

*(Every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray...)

Again, El turns his head, this time facing directly toward the ceiling. Without his thick, prescription glasses that correct his 30/70 vision, he barely makes out a shocking, blurred silhouette of a girl floating above his uncovered feet, where his toes peek from the blanket's edge. Each feature of her face is completely hidden underneath thick black hair that mock the light of dawn.

(I've waited for that final moment you...

say the words that I can't say)

Like a lightbulb moment of certainty, El is convinced he is in the presence of a frail, vulnerable girl.

Like the girl, El, too, defies the world's normalcy in his own style, a genuine reflection of a unique past.

"A girl!" he tells himself with passionate interest. "Isn't she from my Japanese 101 class?"

There's an awkward pause between them as the beating of his heart slows to a calm wonder fueled by curious desire, rather than fear.

Again, he acknowledges to himself, "There's a girl in my room! Awesome! A girl...on my bed! My friends aren't going to believe this! I'm not a loser!"

With the characteristics of an innocent schoolboy, he advises himself, "Don't be a doofus. DON'T BE A DOOFUS!"

His eyes turn far enough to the right, where he checks on the well-being of his copy of "Web of Spider-Man" issue 31. A spider scurries behind the comic tacked perfectly onto the wall as if to seek protection from the cold aura of evil that fills the room.

Oblivious to the potential danger, El smiles towards his silent visitor, never understanding he is now in a place he does not belong.

The gesture connects a bridge of emotion between the awkward pair; one possibly evil, the other naive. And, in an instant, time stops long enough for El to witness the parting of her hair that opens wide enough to reveal one of two eyes.

As their gaze connects, she feels...


The book continues with Awakening Pt.1. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Please note this is chapter 20. Please read previous chapters to understand what is being developed. Picture is of my niece, Rein, which was edited to capture the moment.

Enjoyed this chapter? You'll love the additional chapters already posted. Feel free to follow on Facebook: Fortune Cookies (EL)

*Bizarre Love Triangle, written by New Order in 1986, from their album, Brotherhood.
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