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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: June 22, 2019      Views: 66

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The Small Things Make You Think Like fruits An Apple or a p
"Our Glorious Earth" by Earthspoet
If ever you have doubted " the existence
Of God "who created you and I, and the world"
simply just look at a fruit or a vegetable
an Apple or a pear
"Look deep at an onion",
as you strip away its layers "like Earth and its Beauty" does it not make you want to cry
for who would furnish a planet such as "Earth, with fruits, and wonderful treats"
If it was not "intended to be eaten "
by the likes of you and I
like a Landlord that looks after his or her guests
such is the making of a great host
If a child can work this out, then why can you not see
that we are a by product of the aftermath of something great, "glorious and wonderful"
"Such as love"
for our God is a Great Miracle worker an "awesome God"
who loves and forgives like no other
there can be no match for him for he is all things great
"for he that lives and dwells within me"is truley greater than he who lives
In this world for he provides
Food to sustain us and the "climate and the elements"
The Sun to keep us from the cold,
Trees so we can Breathe fresh air
Moon by Night to give us light
and a shield to protect the Earth
and so the facts should speak for themselves
This never was and could never be a "mistake or an accident" to add up to all the sum of the above Regaurdless or our colour race or cred.
For we on Earth are not orphans
For he is Our Father Who Art In Heaven
Hallowed Be Thy Name.

A Symbol And
A Reconition To The One

Happy Fathers Day
To You Our Father

Faith Poetry Contest contest entry

Author Notes
Food provided for an accident on a planet called "Earth"
A sun to warm up this "accident on Earth," Trees to help us Humans Breathe on this accident called "Earth"
The sum of the the above does Not add up
Not if it was an "accident"
It has all the signs of a perfect planned design
Then no quotation marks are needed for a ""perfect planned design"" as it was only an "accident"
And therfore I attach no importance
to this "accident". on a planet called Earth
The sum of should be equal to all the equation of the the above
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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