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 Category:  General Fan Fiction
  Posted: July 10, 2019      Views: 45

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Earth has now had enough of the humans abuse
"EARTH'S Redemption and Retributi" by Earthspoet

Day one
Something strange was happening;
dark clouds were gathering, and trees were dying.
I see the fear in their eyes as people begin to kneel and pray like never before, and with an air of despair, knees with blood like you or I have "never seen," with screaming and crying"
it's as if... the Earth itself was dying. Another peculiar thing it was
"extremely cold" for this time of the month of August, but now we are aware of this "frightening situation" what was the solution going to be ?world scientists were doing all kinds of test to find out why our planet was "reacting in such a manner," it was almost as if "it was allergic to something" most weird statement I know, but true.
I guess we will find out in 24hrs
In the mean time I need to write down exactly how I feel. I'm sorry that I have not introduce myself, forgive me my name is "Earthspoet" and I have a feeling that
I'm going to need help !
How time goes slow when your waiting for news more so when you want it to be good news in the mean time let me write down this poem

The day is black as night
Clouds they gather
"like vultures and hyhenans"
waiting in the wings for the carcass that now Lay still and rotting.
But blue skies shall return
and birds will sing again
And sun will shine like before
and trees will grow as they once did
As God our Maker of all things living intended
I have faith in our Father and Lord
Why would you not ?
This doom and gloom is down to us
nobody but us.Earth is ANGRY ! And has now started to reject what we have been doing.

"23hr has passed" and news should be in very soon.
I didn't want to be alone when the news came in and so I went down to Costa
Where I could meet other like Minded
people and gather up our thoughts
I'm not ready to die yet not yet
This Earth is so beautiful ,so beautiful.
23hr 59mim the verdict will be in why our planet Earth seems to dying.
News flash ! news just in scientists say that the Earth is ACTUALLY DYING AND CRYING AT THE SAME TIME .
How sad is that
I think I have the answers the planet needed to be reassured of our love for it.
And so I would need to contact Fanstory Poet Society from top to bottom "we are needed to save this our home and planet."
Roll call tomorrow
We need poems that will move mountains and create tears from an angel. And so we have to put out a S.O.S for our poets to come and help save this our Earth 21hrs
We must collaborate on a poem that will Save Our planet Earth
In three days Earth will be a dead planet
Fanstory poets we need you
Earth and our civilisation needs you.
And I'm depending on you

Who is the last poet on the Ranking list
has been chosen to write a poem
to help save the Earth

Author Notes
Now Earth has had enough! The warning signs has long been with us, killings, murders, abuse of "Animals of all kind" fracking deep within the Earth, greed, and lust no respect for the elders no respect from the youths basically all the things the Ten Commandments had forbidden. Well Earth has now had enough and has given up on us. Now the only way we can save it and ourselves is to show and prove unity in LOVE In 3 days
But those three day must be made to look like 3 years worth of work
This planet must feel loved and appreciated as it is actually killing Itself... actual suicide.
And so Fanstory poets are asked to help and join in to save the planet by writing a poem to Earth for Earth

Men sit in their ivory tower's
Please ! No more modern day relics and bones, we need to takecare of our planet our home
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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