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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: July 24, 2019      Views: 254
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Chapter 9 of the book Wilderness Redemption Road
Betrayal is Afoot
"Evil Walks Part I" by Earl Corp

Frontier story filled with hijinks and shenanigans.

Carter Holler, Kentucky

Roseanna's oldest son, Clancy, appeared on the porch.

At 40 years old Clancy took after his namesake, he was fiddle-footed and would rather run the woods than be around civilized folks.

The French would have called him a Currier Due Boys, Roseanna reckoned.

Clancy had been a mountain man, at least until the beaver trade had played out. He had lived among the Cheyenne and taken an Injun wife.

His Cheyenne wife, Running Doe, hadn't helped because she wasn't accepting of the white ways of living in a house, or wearing anything other than buckskins.

"Ho Ma, whut are we doing here?"

"Uncle Clancy, Granny's tellin' the story how she met grandpa, you need to hush up" Dan'l said.

"I need to hush up? I ought to take a switch to your bottom for talking to your elder's that-a-way."

"He's right Clancy, you need to hush up and the only one takin' a switch to a bottom it'll be me," Roseanna said.

"Aww Ma..."

"Go help your brothers chop wood."

"Aww Ma, I'll be quiet."

"See that you do, now where was I....."

A field 5 miles North of Pittsburgh

Godfrey Smythe checked the pack riggings on each of the 10 mules. Each mule carried four rifles, a keg of powder, and two bars of lead for the Shawnees.

He figured a three day head start would be enough to get the rifles to the Shawnees before he got to the spot he'd be building his trading post.

He was entrusting this task to one of Dirk Fox's friends, Tyler McGraw. McGraw, like Fox, spoke Shawnee. Having a Shawnee mother helped in this situation.

"Why isn't Dirk goin' on this excursion Mr. Smith?" McGraw asked.

"It's Smythe, you dolt, the "I" sounds like pie."

"That don't answer my question, where's Dirk?"

"I imagine he's in New Orleans by now, spending my money."

"He didn't tell me he was goin'."

"It was a spur of the moment trip, now do you know where you're going?"

"I have a general idea, but why am I hauling rifles ahead of your caravan? Seems like it would be safer to go in a big group."

"Do you know what they do to men who furnish firearms to the savages?"

"I reckon they hang'em."

"That is correct, I need you to give the rifles to the Shawnees, specifically a warrior named Swooping Eagle, in order to build a trading post, and they promised me they would only use them for hunting and not turn them on white men."

"You bought that bill of goods? Obviously you ain't been on the frontier long."

"As long as they don't use them on me I'm good with it."

Smythe pulled out a small purse that clinked with coins and held it out to McGraw.

"This is to pay for the ferry across the Ohio, remember you don't know me and those rifles don't belong to me."

"What do I tell anybody who asks?"

"If anyone shows undue interest in you or your cargo I would advise killing them and burying them in a shallow grave, that doesn't bother you, does it?"

"Not a' tall, but if I kill somebody the price of my services goes up."

"As it should, we'll settle up at the end of the trail."
Shawnee Town near Raccoon Creek
Swooping Eagle laid his hand on the deer he had just killed and offered thanks to Our Grandmother for the animal and the food it would provide.

When Swooping Eagle was done giving thanks, Wise Owl flipped the deer on its back and slit it from the pelvis to the breastbone. He reached in and took out the insides, setting the heart and liver aside for later.

"That was a nice shot, you are getting better with the white man's rifle my friend," Wise Owl observed.

"Many of us will be improving as soon as the white man delivers what he promised us," Swooping Eagle said.

"It made me wonder why you made that a condition for the white man to build a trading post when you shun using rifles."

"Just because I don't like to use them doesn't mean others won't; besides it will put us on even footing when we get rid of the trading post."

"You gave your word they could build a trading post."

"They will be allowed build one, but that doesn't mean they'll be allowed to stay," Swooping Eagle said with an evil grin.

"What will you do once you have the brown haired one?"

Swooping Eagle contemplated this.

"My father thinks he should be adopted to take Laughing Otter's place. I do not. Either way, he will run the gauntlet. If Our Grandmother is just, he'll die there."

"That would be a shame, he showed great courage when he walked off of the cliff."

Swooping Eagle flushed with anger.

"You would have the white who killed my brother and two of our friends walk free among us? At the very least he should be made a slave for the women, not treated as a warrior."
"I still think it would be a shame that a man with such big hanging pears live as a slave, and I don't think he will."


The book continues with Evil Walks Part II. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
I apologize it's been so long since I posted a new chapter. For those just reading for the first time, there are 8 more chapters in case you're interested, feel free to go back and read'em to catch up. For those only reading for Fanstory bucks and points, I know it's long and probably not your regular genre, give it a chance. Be kind.

Those wondering about the references to Our Grandmother, the Shawnees believed in a female deity they called Our Grandmother. Anna found this out while reading the chapter for me.

Ha-ho is a traditional greeting between the Shawnees

Cast of Characters
Roseanna Carter- narrator
Doolittle Carter-Extremely blessed and lucky frontiersman.
Janie Wolfe- Heroine, wise beyond her years, intuitive, follows her instincts, knows how to swim.
Roseanna McCallister- Heroine who will figure a lot more heavily into the story. Knows how to shoot, ride, and yes, swim.
Swooping Eagle - Shawnee Warrior, vengeful but listens to the voice of reason, knows how to swim.
Wise Owl- Shawnee Warrior, the voice of reason, knows how to swim.
Running Deer- Civil Chief of the Shawnee and Swooping Eagle's father' Not happy with Swooping Eagle for getting his favorite son killed. Knows how to swim.
Mighty Beaver- Delaware Warrior, funny sense of humor, knows how to swim
Clancy Sinclair-Happy -go-lucky friend of Doolittle, knows how to swim
Godfrey Smythe- Ferret faced cad, probably knows how to swim.
Zachary "Zack" Carter- The Carter family patriarch and quite possibly the toughest man on the frontier. Men fear him and women want to be with him. Knows how to swim.
Percy Smithers- Owner of the Crowing Rooster Tavern. He's crooked as a dog's leg but looks like a straight arrow compared to Godfrey Smythe. Might know how to swim.
Red Mike- Royal Boar tavern owner. Doesn't need to know how to swim.
Dirk Fox- One of Smythe's minions and a five star rascal. Knows how to speak Shawnee and swim.
Tyler McGraw- Smythe's new dupe. Speaks Shawnee.
Angus McCallister- Roseanna's father and French and Indian War Ranger. Knows how to swim.
Mary McCallister- Roseanna's step mother, wife of Angus.
Richard McCallister- Roseanna's older brother who is about to get a surprise at supper. Knows how to swim.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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