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    Supernatural Flash Fiction Contest Winner 
 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: August 12, 2019      Views: 66

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A 500-Word Flash Fiction
"The Letter" by Sandra Elizabeth Williams

June Cunningham was my classmate in school; we were both about eleven years old when we met in grade six. We were not close friends but we played together every day. By the end of grade six I had passed the local national examinations and went on to high school. June did not pass and had to remain in the same school.

Before the end of first year I returned to my old school. I did not see June. I learnt that she died from a heart condition. I was shocked. I cried.

High school went by with all its exciting days and challenges. I transitioned to the world of work. It was during my second year working that one night I woke up startled because of a dream I had. I had received a mail from June Cunningham! Handwritten in full capitals were the words "TO MY BEST FRIEND, SAMANTHA". Imagine my shock and trepidation! I decided I would not open any mail coming from a dead person but my sister, being the brave one, decided that she would open the envelope. Inside was a long sheet of paper and some bean-like objects. On the paper were handwritten instructions on how to prepare the bean-like objects "to wash the neck of the womb".

The dream was so vivid, so real. I awoke and looked around the room expecting to see June but she was not there.

It could have been a month or two afterwards while I was at work out of the blue I had a feeling that I should do a pap smear test. Not knowing how to go about it I enquired from a friend who guided me. I made an appointment at a doctor's office en route to work.

By later that same week I went in and the pap smear test was done. The lady said they would call me when they got the result.

Less than a month later I got the call and went in. I was told I needed to see the doctor. I was alarmed because I was told that normally one would pick up the result and there was no technicality. The doctor told me my test result was abnormal and that there were signs I could be developing cancer of the cervix and he would have to refer me to a gynaecologist. I was at CIN III, the final stage before becoming cancerous!

Numbly I went through the rest of the visit, the succeeding referral, testing of biopsies and the other associated tests. I became pregnant during this period, which was scary, but after delivering my baby and going back for further tests it was revealed that the abnormality was reduced to CIN I. Removal procedure ensued. Testing for cancer came back negative.

I owe it all to the dream I had in which my school friend sent me a letter from beyond the grave and the unexplained urge I had to get a pap smear test done.

Writing Prompt
The character in your story is involved in some way with the supernatural.
Supernatural Flash Fiction
Contest Winner

Author Notes
500 words
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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