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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Poetry
  Posted: August 20, 2019      Views: 233
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"I am learning to write."
"It has been a long Journey with many difficulties...
"Losses, Depressions, and other Abnormalities."
"Come with me and watch as I grow and share with you!"
Doctor Ricky 1024.

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #57 spot on the rankings.

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of sexual content.
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

Chapter 19 of the book Out Standing Stories and Poems
A Continuation!
"Let the Music Begin?" by Ricky1024
"Beware the Boy with the Melted Face!"
Chapter Number One:
(The Torturing!)
Written August 19th, 2019
By Doctor Ricky 1024
Copywrite �© Fanstory 2019
'All Rights Reserved'

"The time period was 1893.
"Destiny was a tortured young girl, practically still a child."
"And, she lived with a loving family Robert and Rebecca but...
"Destiny loved the woods and she also loved the Glen."
(Which was her Special place of Solitude)
"The woods spoke to her?"
"And, this is where she told her secrets?"
"She would lay all day, on the Green and soft Mossy Grass."
"Just dreaming about what all young girls do."
"She was happy and she believed in this Glen."
"And, this is where our Story begins!"


"It was early Autumn when she was on her way home after a particularly hard day in school?"
"And yes, she was being ridiculed!"
"Heartlessly by two boys named Patrick and Paul."
(Thirteen and Twelve)
"And yes, both were the bullies!"
"Patrick first showed affection and actually was attracted to Destiny."
"But Destiny shunned him away?"
"And, as a result?"
"Patrick took it very much the wrong way!"
"It first started innocently enough with just little things?"
"Like name calling and it soon progressed into more serious things!"
"Such as hair pulling and spitting!"
"Destiny just sucked it up and walked away?"
"Now, as most little girls, Destiny had a love for God and dolls."
"And, she would carry her very favorite!"
(The Doll with the Melted Face!)
"Yes, everywhere she would go!"
"And, the story continues that the reason for the dolls disfiguration?"
"Was that Destiny herself was the culprit!"
"But of course that wasn't true!"
"But Destiny knew!"
"And, because of that?"
"She was so teased...
"And, so cruely for this...
States Patrick.
'There's that girl with a Burned Face Doll!'
States Paul his best friend.
'I hate that little bitch!'
'I wanted to be her friend and she shunned me away!'
So, one day as Destiny walked the trail to her safe place...
The two boys followed...
Followed with their now...
"Once further down the trail, almost into the Glen, they confronted Destiny!"
'Hey you!'
'Yes you!'
'With the Burned Faced Doll!'
'I got a present for you!'
"As the boys approached?"
"Destiny started to run!"
"She ran hard and tripped dropping her doll!"
"He then raped her!"
'Oh, look Patrick.'
'The little bitch lost her dolly!'
Bragged Paul.
"And, as the story now goes." "The boy brought his present?"
"A large glass jug filled with an inflammatory material!"
'Oh, look Patrick.
'The little bitch got dirty?'
Repeats Paul.
'I see perhaps we should give her a bath?'
Ponders Patrick.
"Destiny seems to sense something's wrong and screams!"
"As if she already knew about their Evil Plan?"
"With the jug high over his head."
"And, Destiny still holding her doll for dear life."
"Patrick Williams pours a generous amount of the substance all over Destiny!"
"Finally, he produces a stick match and lights it but...
"Destiny's father Robert and mother Rebecca were approaching!"
'Please, Please, Please!'
He begs.
'Don't do it!'
"But it was too late, much too late!"
"As the boys run away, Robert and Rebecca are now approaching their daughter!"
"And, seeing the "Dirty Deed."
"Robert picks up his daughter and guilt starts to fall in."
"Yes, distraught with grief and obviously confused, he places are gently down?"
"Seeing this Rebecca, rips off a small cloth from her apron."
"She then dips it in the pond and put out the fire."
"She wraps it around her daughter's face and they returned home to...
"The Cabin in the Woods"

"Beware the Boy with the Melted Face?"
Chapter Number Two:
Written August 19th, 2019
(The Burned Face Doll!)

"Fifteen years now has passed and the cruel act has been mostly forgotten?"
"And yes, this horrendous event!"
"The year now is 1908 and
Hard times have fallen on the small town of Cedar Glen."
"Those whom worked hard and had a farm or another form of business."
"Were able to make ends meet but for others it was a struggle."
"Robert was one of these people."
"He built a Saw Mill and started his own business."
"His profession was woodcutter."
"And, he supplied the town with their Winter needs."
"Such as heat and then during the holiday."
"He even crafted and whittle beautiful things from the cedar!"
"Now, Destiny was now a grown woman but forever she would stay indoors?"
"As if isolated in a prison?"
"She did not dare venture outside even to her favorite place the Glen."
'What if those boys were still there?'
She wondered.
"But of course, that was just fabricated thoughts from thr many, many, Nightmares!"


"Nobody ever found out whom the boys were that performed such a hideous and Horrible Sin."
"But of course Destiny would never forget!"

"Beware the Boy with the Melted Face!"
Chapter Number Three:
(Destiny's Plan?)
Written August 20th, 2019
By Doctor Ricky 1024

"This is sorta repetitive but necessary as some reviewers have read only a part."

"From the Very Beginning during the Fall of 1893 and Destiny's original torturing...
"To the present time...
"The Winter of 1908...
"Destiny is now a grown woman looking forward to her 27th birthday on December 30th, 1908."
"She still is in her...
'Virtual Solitude.'
"And, just a prisoner of her past regrets!"
"She prays for the day when she can return to the Glen."
"The say when she can again lay in the Green and Mossy Grass."
"A time so long, long, ago."
"A time when she was sweet and innocent...
"And, now?"
"She is Hideously Maligned and Terribly Disfigured."
"The boys are now grown men."
"Patrick has started his own family and has his own two year and a half year old son."
(Patrick Junior)
"While Paul is single and seemingly searching?"
"Times are now harder there in Cedar Glen, Nebraska."
"Most were having problems making ends meet and feeding theie families...
"Unless they had some kind of a business or profession."
"Such as farming."
"Robert took to 'Woodcutting.'
"Supplying the small town with their Winter needs."
"And, he felt farming wasn't
enough for him and Rebecca."
"So, he also carved many wonderful and beautiful things from the Cedar."
"Rebecca still did what any good mother back then would do."
"Take care of the children, keep the house, and feed the family "
"Yes, times were hard in 1908 for most."
"Destiny still carried around the Burn Faced Doll but now?"
"As a grown Woman."
"She had other aspirations?"


"This was the time when mysterious things started happening in the town of Cedar Glen, Nebraska?"
"Like Wolves that Howled in the daylight and fires that mysteriously appeared in the woods?"
"Sometimes progressed to certain houses?"
"Fortunately nobody was injured."
"No one seemed to understand this except one?"
"And, her plan was quite simple?"
"With the powers that she's never harvest but kept hidden deep inside?"
"She now learned to control things on the outside but the inside?"
"Beware the Boy with the Melted Face?"
Written August 24th, 2019
By Doctor Ricky 1024
Chapter Number Four:
(Let the Music Begin?)

"In times of Severity?"
"Liberty and Justice will prevail!"
(Theology 47:91)
"It's now been three more years!"
"And, the date is December 30th, 1911."
"Destiny will be a thirty year old woman and Hell-bent on Revenge!"
"Her parents are gone and
she's been honing her skills?"
"Yes, for some reason she feels the Soul of her parents in her doll?"
"She now sings to it as if...
"The Doll with the Melted Face."
"Is actually listening and this brings a Calmness?"
"Now, it's been a long time coming!"
(Almost Twenty years)
"Twenty years of "Melted Face-Tears."
"Twenty years of "Lost Childhood Dreams."
"And, Twenty long years of wishing she would now be dead but instead?"


"She knows now what to do but doesn't have the current area of her constant pain mapped out yet?"
(Patrick's Address)
"She also knows though that Patrick took over her dead father's Saw Mill!"
"And, this burns her even more!"
'This should have been mine!'
She ponders ad she is searching for...
'Yes Faith?'
'When are you coming home honey because we need you to bring firewood.'
'It's so cold now and we barely have enough to get us through the day.'
'Let alone the night.'
'Yes dear.'
'I'll be home early right before the evening hours and kiss her son Patrick Junior for me?'
'I love you both bye.'
"Yes, it's December 30th and Destiny feels it's time for a "Real Birthday Present!"
"So, she walks now into town to town of Cedar Glen."
"And, as she goes unnoticed?"
"For she wears a shaw covering her lowered face."
"This is for the most the worst, covering her apparent scars."
"As she walks along a back trail, she notices something odd?"
"A small house nestled in the back part of the woods?"
"And, she sees a sign posted?"
"Cheap wood cut at my Saw Mill to fill your needs."
(See Patrick)
"Go figure she's finally found Patrick's house!"
"And, as she approaches the house she doesn't even realize that Patrick is at work at the Mill!"
"Her dead father Roberts Mill!"
"Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, something Amazing but Eerie Happens!"
"As if cursed in reverse."
"The Boy with the Melted Face."
"Suddenly, comes to Life!"
"As if under a Spell from Robert and Rebecca!"
"He points his "Doll-Like Arms."
"In the direction and towards the house and instantly incinerates it!"
"And, all you can hear are Faith's Screams!"
'Is this a Nightmare or a Dream?'
Wonders Destiny.
"As Darkness sets in Patrick approaches his house?"
"And, it was a good day."
"And, he made a sound amount of money."
"And, quite enough for a full month a food!"
"Happy is a rat out of his Dirty Trap, he notices first this smell?"
"A burning smell?"
'A forest fire?'
He wonders.
"But then he sees something so horrible that he passes our!"
"The Burned house with his wife Faith's body...
"Right at the doorway where she died miserably and also burned to a crisp!"
"What Goes Around, Comes Around!"
(Theology 47.93)
"But what he doesn't know is that Destiny was watching and waiting the whole time!"
"And, sensing that Patrick Williams was not in the burning house?"
"She heard Faith's disparate plea to help her child."
"So, she rushes into the burning house and saves Patrick Junior!"
(Whom was only Two and half years old)
"Yes, saving his life and not as much as a blister upon his precious face!"
"Yes, when Patrick comes to?"
"He now realizes that his life is over."
"And, never realizing that the child is safe?"
"They say it wasn't an accident he does I a fire in the Glen?"
"Destiny finally return to our Special place."
"That place in the Glen."
"And that place where she sees a young red-haired Man!"
I decided to continued this in the month of September with...
"Patrick Junior's Revenge!"
Approximate Word Count:

The book continues with Jesus the Christ. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Special thanks goes out first, as always, to Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
Fanstory and Tom the Administrator.
Fan Art Review, this Amazing, as well as, talented Artist, 'jgrace.'
And, her Incredible picture entitled...
"The Torch Still Burns"
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Ricky1024 All rights reserved.
Ricky1024 has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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