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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: October 17, 2019      Views: 131
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I put my dreams on hold for many years after tragedy struck our family, I realized that no one is promised tomorrow. If I put off my dreams much longer that's all they'll ever be.
So I pound away at keyboard day after day, hoping to make - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #13 spot on the rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #65 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 9 of the book Pushed Too Far
Barry comes to Jeremy's rescue.
"Joining Forces" by Mistydawn

Jeremy was tormented by Paul and his gang his entire life. Their victimizing intensifies after graduation. Jeremy is taken hostage by Jeff and Tony. Jessica the love of his life is beaten by Paul.
Barry saves Jeremy and then he and Jeremy save Jessica.
Barry offers to help take care of Jeremy's enemies. He refuses. Jeremy beats Jeff and put him in the trunk.
Paul was attacked by the wild boar trying to escape the woods.

Large raindrops pound furiously against the hood of the car. This deafening sound adds to Jeremy's inordinate angst. Jeff is thrashing around in the trunk. Tony continues to stir in the backseat. Jeremy glances up to find headlights shining through the thick foggy mist. His terror rises even more. I can't just sit here and do nothing. He tries to start the car again, but it scarcely makes a sound. 

In a state of panic, he throws the door open. Raindrops pelts through the door as it squeaks open. I either face the storm or prison. His feet sink into the mud; the downpour soaks him to the bone the second he steps out. The vast amount of headlights coming towards him catches his eye. He freezes in mid-step. Jeff beats on his enclosure. This brings Jeremy out of his terror-stricken state. He'll go to the police, tell them what I've done if I run. What if he tells his crew instead? Jeremy pictures the gang beating him to a pulp. I can't leave them like this. I just can't.

Jumping into the driver's seat he tries to start the car. "You can do it, girl, come on, you can do it." Jeremy coaxes as he anxiously tries again. The dash lights dim, the sound grows fainter. The battery is almost dead. He looks up to see the headlights are closer. I either drain the battery or go to jail. He tries again. The lights grow fainter, the sound becomes duller. Jeff's pounding becomes increasingly intense. He turns the key again. "Please start, oh, please start," he begs. He hears a light tap on the window. Jeremy discovers a tall figure in a bright yellow jacket beside him when he turns around. "

The station is eerily quiet. The faint glow of the emergency lights adds to this ghastly feeling. The storm caused a power outage across a large portion of the city which brought the sergeant's back work to a standstill.

She really wishes she could be out searching for Paul with the rest of her crew, but the captain, her husband thought it was best if she stayed at the station. Stating he didn't want anything to happen to her or their unborn child. After a brief argument, she reluctantly agreed. I hope everyone is safe, Rachel thinks as she stares out into the cool, blustery night.

Her phone rings, she toddles over to answer it. They'll probably hang up before I get there at this pace. She tries to hurry, but with the extra baby weight, it's hard for her to move fast.

She sees Joe's number on the caller ID when she scoops it up. I hope he's alright. She puts the phone on speaker as she plops in her chair. "Are you alright, Joe?" she breathless asks.

"We're fine, honey, but why are you out of breath?"

"It's a long walk from the window to my desk when you're the size of a rhino." She glances back to find it was only a few feet.

"You're not that big." Joe laughs.

"I feel like it sometimes."

Joe chuckles again. "The baby will be here soon."

"Not soon enough for me."

"So, having a dozen kids is out I take it?"

"A dozen, are you out of your mind?"

Joe laughs again. "I'm just kidding, six will be plenty."

"That'll only happen if you have the next five."

Joe chuckles. "I called to let you know Jessie's attacker is dead."

"How did that happen?"

"Looks like a boar got a hold of him. Tore him up pretty good. Wait, the ME found something."

"What is it, Joe?"

"Hold on." The phone shuffles. She hears voices, but can't make out what's being said.
"Are you still there?"

"What's going on, Joe?" Rachel asks again.

"She says she found two bullet holes in his chest."

"You don't think Jeremy shot him, do you?"


She pictures the boy's sweet face. "No, that's crazy, Jeremy isn't a killer."

"Well, it was either him or your sister."

Rachel recalls her sister's reaction when Jessie saw her revolver. "Jessie wouldn't do it; she's scared to death of guns."

"I'll have Jerry pick him up."

"It might be best if I do it since he's like one of the family and all." 

"There's no sense in you getting out in this mess. Besides, it's late and you're tired."

"Fine, but I'm going to talk to my sister in the morning, by myself."

"Go see your sister, but I wouldn't get your hopes up with her dissociative amnesia and all."

"She might remember now she's had a chance to rest."

"Maybe. I'm headed back. Do you want me to pick you up some breakfast on the way?"

"Please, I'm famished."

"See you in a few."

The rain continues to pour heavily around them. Jeremy remains frozen in the driver's seat, not sure what he should do. Jeff and Tony's actions have momentarily ceased.

The intruder knocks on the window as thunder rumbles above them. "Having car troubles, son?"

Images of what'll happen to him if he gets caught flashes through his mind. I've got to get out of here. He turns the key but the car refuses to start. A bright light shines through the window. Jeremy turns away as he tries again. The dash remains completely dark. "The battery is dead. "He collapses over the steering wheel.

"Are you alright in there?"

Barry? He turns to find a familiar face staring at him. It is him. Rain gushes through the window as he rolls it down. "I'm so happy to see you," he cries.

"Why, what's going on?" Barry flashes his light through the vehicle.

"I killed him, I killed Tony with the car, and I don't know what to do," Jeremy blurts out.

"He wouldn't happen to be the guy in the backseat, would he?"

"Yes, yes that's him. What am I going to do with him? Oh, what am I going to do?"

Barry moves the flashlight to the back again. "You didn't kill him, son"


"He isn't dead."

Jeremy turns to find Tony stirring around. "He's still alive."

"It's a good thing too because it would've ruined my plan."

"You have a plan?"

"A great one, but we better make sure he can't fight back."

Jeremy recalls all the anguish he'd just been through thinking Tony was gone. "You're not going to knock him out again, are you?"

Barry laughs. "No, no, I have something in my truck that'll fix him up really good. Wait here."

Like I have a choice.

A few minutes later Barry returns rope in hand. "I'll tell you my plan while we secure his hands and feet." Barry hears a loud thump coming from the back of the car. He looks up, a curious expression on his face. "What was that?"

"Jeff. I beat him up and then threw him in the trunk."

"You've been busy, boy." Barry chuckles.

"Yeah, well what can I say." Jeremy shrugs.

"That'll do it, Barry says as he tightens the last knot. "We might as well take care of Jeff too." They hear Jeff shuffling around. "This will take a little more ingenuity."

"What do you suggest we do?"

"Open the trunk from inside and when he climbs out, I'll whack him with my gun."

"How about if I use the fob?"

"The what?"

"The keychain remote, see?"

Barry chuckles "That'll work too. "Stand back. That's far enough. On the count of three. One, two, three." Jeremy pushes the button, the trunk pops open. Jeff anxiously glances around. "Surprise." Barry smacks him with the butt of his gun. 

"Did you get him?"

"He's out like a light. Here, grab a piece." He hands Jeremy a section of cord.

"You said you had a plan?"

"We're going to frame Jeff and Tony for Paul's murder. If we do it right, they'll be upstate for a very long time."

"I wish I would've thought of it."

"You did."

"I did, when?"

"Don't you remember telling me about a story you watched where someone was framed for murder and how you wished you could do that to them?"

Jeremy chuckles. "I was so mad that I said a lot of crazy stuff."

"There's not a damn thing wrong with blowing off a little steam." 

Jeremy glances at his enemy. "It did feel good to take my anger out on Jeff."

Barry scans Jeff's battered face. "You did one whale of a job on him too."

"He's had it coming for a long time."

"You don't have to explain yourself to me."

"So, what do we do next?"

Barry smiles. "I thought you'd never ask."

Jeremy, Highschool graduate, always being bullied by his peers because of his disease, chronic tic disorder.
Jessica, Jeremy's best friend she was raped at a party and was pregnant with Paul's child.
Paul, Tony, Jeff, bullies, Jeremy's enemies
Barry, Jeremy's biological dad Jeremy doesn't know it yet.
Bonnie and Max Webb Jessica's parents
Berryville PD
Joe Bower, captain
Rachel Bower, sergeant, Joe's wife, Jessica's older sister.
Jerry, a detective was a sergeant his health forced him to step down


The book continues with Plan of Action. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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