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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: October 21, 2019      Views: 125
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I put my dreams on hold for many years after tragedy struck our family, I realized that no one is promised tomorrow. If I put off my dreams much longer that's all they'll ever be.
So I pound away at keyboard day after day, hoping to make - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #13 spot on the rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #65 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 10 of the book Pushed Too Far
Barry and Jeremy frame Jeff and Tony for murder.
"Plan of Action" by Mistydawn

Jeremy was tormented by Paul and his gang his entire life. Their victimizing intensifies after graduation. Jeremy is taken hostage by Jeff and Tony. Jessica, the love of his life is beaten by Paul.
Barry saves Jeremy and then he and Jeremy save Jessica.
Barry offers to help take care of Jeremy's enemies. He refuses. Jeremy beats Jeff and put him in the trunk. On his way to dispose of the body, he hits Tony with Jeff's car.

Paul was attacked by the wild boar trying to escape the woods. Barry puts two bullets in his chest to finish him off and then reports his findings to the captain. 
Barry plants evidence and now he and Jeremy plan to frame Jeff and Tony for Paul's death.

The downpour has stopped momentarily, leaving a thick layer of fog behind. The crisp morning breeze that sweeps ever so lightly through the valley has a wintery dampness to it chilling them to their bones. Shivering, Barry flips on the heat. He pauses a second and then cranks it up higher. "I'm freezing to death," he says through chattering teeth.

"I was just about to ask if we could turn it on."
They decided to tow the car and its passengers to Barry's cabin in case a nosy nelly happened to drive by.

"My road is a mile south of here," Barry explains as he pulls onto the highway.

They hadn't made it too far when Barry notices headlights behind them. He glances in the rearview mirror and discovers it's a cop. "I don't want to panic you, son, but a cruiser just pulled up behind us."

Jeremy turns to see the car on their tail. He then notices red and blue lights flashing across the darkened sky. "What are we going to do?"

"Find out what he wants, of course." Barry turns on his signal as he slows down.

Jeremy's body quivers; his voice reaches an all-time high. "Are you out of your freaking mind?"


"You want to pull over with Jeff and Tony in the trunk?"

"What do you suggest I do?"

"Outrun them."

"In my beat-up pickup, towing a car? I don't think that'd work out too well." Barry pulls to the shoulder of the road.

Jeremy reaches for the handle. Barry grabs his arm. "They'll shoot you before you reach the forest," Barry warns.

A ghastly scene from his favorite show flashes through his mind. Jeremy closes the door.

"I know how to handle them, son, trust me on this, ok."

Jeremy gazes into the misty night. What other choice do I have?

One of the officers taps on Barry's window while the second shines a light through the opposite side.

"Evening officers," Barry says as the barrier slowly squeaks down.

"License and Registration please."

Barry hands the documents over. "Did I do something wrong?"

The officer glances at the license and then at Jeremy. "I need to see yours too."Bar

"M... mine?"

"Is there a problem?"

"All I have is my school ID."

"You don't have a driver's license?"

"No sir, my condition prevents me from driving. Jeremy's hands tremble as he hands him the card.

The officer looks at the laminated picture and then at Jeremy. Satisfied he hands his Id back. "We're looking for the owner of this car. You don't happen to know where he is, do you?"

"I have no idea," Barry replies.

"You don't know where he is, but you have possession of his car?"

"He called saying that his vehicle broke down and needs it towed to my shop. I thought he'd be with it, but he wasn't. I figure his dad gave him a lift home."

"When was this?"

"About an hour ago. I picked it up a couple of miles down Caddo Gap."

"This car is evidence in a pending investigation. So, I need to tow it to the station."

"No, you can't." Jeremy blurts out as he nervously wrings his hands.

"What the lad means is it's no longer evidence because he's not pressing charges. He and Jeff worked it out."

"You need to take that up with the prosecutor in the morning."

"So, we're free to go?"

"You are but the car isn't. Until my boss tells me otherwise it's part of the crime."

A dispatcher's voice blares through the radio. "All units be advised there is a robbery in progress at 305 West Trimble. Officers request immediate assistance. Repeat, officers request immediate assistance."

"We've got to go."

Mike nods at his partner. "I want you to wait here for the tow truck. It should be along shortly." Barry starts to speak, the officer lifts his hand. "If you decide to leave, you'll be arrested for hindering prosecution and evidence tampering. Both are serious offenses that come with jail time and a hefty fine."

"We'll stay right here, officer."

"You'll get your license back if you do." He and his partner dart to their cruiser.

"It couldn't have turned out any better."

"How do you figure, Barry?"

"I'll explain as we work. Grab the bag and follow me."

Rachel and Joe are on their way to the robbery. After a heated debate, and a few well-phrased threats Joe agreed she could go. Sleep on the couch and no nighttime fun, she sure knows how to hit me where it hurts. 

"This could be it, Joe. We could stop this burglary nonsense once and for all."

"I hope so."

There's been a rash of robberies they haven't been able to solve. With no evidence or security footage, the team was left with mere hunches. They first figured it must be a professional job and the security tapes were altered, but couldn't find any signs of tampering. This led the detectives to believe it was an inside job. After a lengthy investigation, this theory proved to be fruitless as well.

The press wasn't any help. They romanticized the perp naming him Casper the friendly burglar because he'd leave thank you notes scribbled in whatever was handy.

Joe and Rachel find their officers ducked behind their cars when they pull up to the scene. The restaurant's front door and side window have several bullet holes in the glass, but no one appears to be injured. "What do we have, son?" Joe questions as he steps up beside a rookie.

"There are two perps, captain. Both are armed and extremely dangerous."

"Have we been able to establish communication?"

"We've tried sir, but they won't answer the phone."

"Get a layout of the building. Jerry, you take Jeff and secure the back. George, Fred cover them. Mike, Steve, you secure the sides. Rachel and I will cover you." He turns to find his wife doubled over at the car. "Are you alright, sergeant?"

"My water just broke." She glances down at her soiled slacks.

Joe anxiously looks at the building and then at her."Not now."

"Tell that to your kid. Oh, it hurts, Joe. It hurts really bad."

"Breathe, honey, just breathe."

"I'm trying," she says through gritted teeth. The pain hits again. Rachel digs her nails into the hood. "I have to go now."

"I'm coming, honey." Joe turns towards his crew. "Jerry I..."

"My contractions are four minutes apart."

"Don't worry, boss, I got this."

"I'll have the kid right here if you don't hurry."

Jerry chuckles. He knows how dramatic she can be. "Go, boss, go."

A single shot rings out, Rachel screams as she folds to the ground.

Barry notices headlights breaking through the foggy mist. He glances over to find Jeremy and Jeff seated in the cab. Closing the trunk, he rushes to his vehicle. "I finished in the nick of time," he says as he climbs in beside them. They decided to take Jeff to the cabin. Leave Tony and a few other incriminating items in the car.

"I hope your plan works."

"It will, son."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I was a forensic specialist for several years."

"You never told me."

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me." Some are best left unknown I suppose. He wants to tell him the truth, but Jeremy's mom thought it was best not to.

There's a light tap on the window. Barry rolls it down.

"I'm here to pick up a car," the man explains handing Barry's license back.

"She's all yours." Barry rolls up the window.

"What are we going to do with him?" Jeremy points to his enemy.

"Since he'll probably remember you two fighting and being in the trunk, we'll have to alter his memory. Shape it into something useful."

"How are we going to do that?"

"We're going to convince him you two talked it out and decided to become friends."

"I have to pretend to be friends with him?"

"Just long enough to win his trust. I want you to suggest he goes to the prosecutor with you to prove that your not pressing charges.

"When the prosecutor sees Jeff, he'll arrest him on the spot."

"Exactly, Jeremy but first we need to convince Jeff that him believing he was in the trunk must've been a nightmare."

"What will we tell him when he asks about his car?"

"It's on Caddo road. I'll say he flagged us down claiming he's having car trouble and needed a ride into town. Being so inebriated I suggested he sleeps it off before he faces his dad, he agreed. That's when you two made up."

"Ok, but he'll deny hitting Tony."

"You said no one saw you in the car, right?"


"So, it'll be his word against Tony's and with Tony in his trunk..."

"This might work after all."

"Of course, it will." Jeff stirs in the seat. "We better get him to the cabin before he wakes up."

Jeremy, Highschool graduate, always being bullied by his peers because of his disease, chronic tic disorder.
Jessica, Jeremy's best friend she was raped at a party and was pregnant with Paul's child.
Paul, Tony, Jeff, bullies, Jeremy's enemies
Barry, Jeremy's biological dad Jeremy doesn't know it yet.
Bonnie and Max Webb Jessica's parents
Berryville PD
Joe Bower, captain
Rachel Bower, sergeant, Joe's wife, Jessica's older sister.
Jerry, a detective was a sergeant his health forced him to step down

The book continues with Unexpected Surprise. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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