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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: November 12, 2019      Views: 129
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I put my dreams on hold for many years after tragedy struck our family, I realized that no one is promised tomorrow. If I put off my dreams much longer that's all they'll ever be.
So I pound away at keyboard day after day, hoping to make - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #24 spot on the rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #61 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 15 of the book Pushed Too Far
Joe and Jerry uncovers the truth.
"The Truth is Revealed" by Mistydawn

Jeremy is taken hostage by Jeff and Tony. Jessica the love of Jeremy's life is beaten by Paul. Barry saves Jeremy and then he and Jeremy save Jessica.
In retaliation, Jeremy beats Jeff and put him in the trunk. He then hits Tony with Jeff's car. He and Barry decide to take Jeff to Barry's cabin leaving the car, Tony, and incriminating evidence for the police to find.
Paul was attacked by the wild boar. Barry shoots him with plans to frame Jeff and Tony for his death.
The police arrest Barry, Jeremy, and Jeff. Barry and Jeremy are released. Joe discovers a discrepancy in their story and arrests them again.

The officers are waiting patiently in the crowded office for their assignments while the captain talks to his wife on the phone. Disconnecting his call, he turns towards them a perplexed look on his face.

"What's wrong, boss?"

"Did forensics find a rifle at the cabin?"

"I don't think so but let me check again." Picking up an evidence log, Jerry scans through it. "The only weapon on here is the gun in Jeff's trunk."

Joe points to his two rookies. "You two check the cabin again." Nodding, the officers' leave.

"What's going on, boss?"

"Jessie remembers Paul holding a rifle to Jeremy's head. She also remembers Jeff, Paul and Tony fighting. Said she can't recall all the conversation, but remembers hearing Jeremy's name. Said Paul was angry because they let him go."

"That could be the reason why Jeff killed Paul, sir."

Joe runs his fingers through his hair as he reviews the case again. "The evidence is compelling, but what about Barry and Jeremy's changing story? There has to be a reason for that. I think you and I should talk to them, Jerry, see what the fight was about. The rest of you pull security footage, see if you can find the four of them anywhere in the city." The team shuffles out. Joe and Jerry follow.

Stopping at the door Joe turns towards his detective."I want you to take the lead on this one." 

Jerry opens the thick metal barrier. "After you, boss."

Jerry makes his way to the table while Joe heads towards the corner.

Jeff glances at Jerry, then at Joe and gulps. One is bad enough, but two? Jeff gulps again as he cowers in his chair.

"I heard you and Paul got into a fight at the cabin."

"We... We had... Had a few words, sir."

"Do you mind telling me what it was about?"

"It was no... Nothing really, just a little disagreement between friends."

Slamming his hands on the table, Jerry leans across the furniture. "Threatening Paul's life is more than a little disagreement wouldn't you say?"

Jeff's body trembles as tears form in his eyes. "Who... Who told you that?"

"So, it is true. You did threaten him."

"I... I didn't threaten anyone. We had a few words I told him to go to hell and left."

"We were told you would've killed him if Tony hadn't dragged you away."

Joe walks towards them. Jeff's body trembles again. Joe places his hand on the lad's shoulder. "It's alright, son, we understand. Tony explained it all. How Paul treats you two like lackeys; forcing you two to do his grunt work while he's out having a good time. How his daddy's extensive reach always bails his ass out leaving you and Tony to take the fall."

Jeff's body shakes with fury as memories replay in his mind. He then recalls he and Paul's last conversation. Anger rages inside him. Springing from his seat Jeff growls through clenched teeth. "I was pissed enough to kill him, alright. I was, I was. I wanted to tear the little prick to shreds. Probably would've too if Tony hadn't dragged me away."

"So, you dropped Tony off and then went back to finish the job."

"I didn't shoot Paul, damn it, I didn't, I didn't. I didn't go to the cabin a second time," he cries.

"We have a witness who claims he saw you twice." Jerry lays a piece of paper on the table. "He claims you ran him off the road."

"I did go out there to shoot him, I did, but I couldn't cause the cops were already there."

Jerry leans across the table and glares into Jeff's teary eyes. "I think you found Paul and shot him."

"I didn't see Paul the second time, I didn't. I was so scared I'd be blamed for whatever was going on that I left."

Jerry slams his hands on the table. "You might as well fess up boy, cause we already know it was you."

"I didn't kill him, I didn't I swear." Jeff blubbers through his tears.

Jerry leans in closer. "How did Paul's blood get on your clothes and gunshot residue on
your hands?"

" I don't know." Jeff sobs.

Not wanting to return to her drab room, Jessica decides to take a tour of the hospital. She especially wanted to see the new surgical wing on the third floor.

The smell of fresh paint overwhelms her the moment the elevator opens. Jessica gags from the strong stench. They're not working on Sunday, are they? She steps onto the earth-toned carpet and nervously glances around. Discovering it's safe she continues.

She first discovers what appears to be the waiting room. It's decorated in soft pastel pinks and blues. The grand hallway leading off it is done in a soft baby blue.

Jessica pushes through a set of swinging doors to the surgical unit. This hallway is done in an off white with porcelain colored floor. 
Four small rooms are adjacent to it, two on each side. A large room sits at the end. Like the adjoining area, it has a cold, colorless feel. The hospital needs this. Being ill-equipped to handle major trauma they often evac patients out.

Jessica is admiring the addition when an arm wraps around her neck; a soft, damp cloth presses against her face. Jessica tries to squirm away. The attacker tightens his hold. Jessica gags. Tears run down her flushed cheeks, her mouth and throat become painfully dry. I can't go out like this, I just can't. She tries to fight him again. Jessica becomes, dizzy, lightheaded like she's about to pass out. I've got to get away before it's too late. She tosses her head back as she launches her elbow into his stomach.

"Your little antics won't work with me, Jess." He laughs as he readjusts his grip.

Joe and Jerry step out of Tony's room aggravated that they are no closer to finding out what'd happened than they were an hour ago.

"That was pointless,

"We should've known Tony would stick up for him, especially if he has a part in Paul's death."

Kirk runs over to him. "I found a disturbing message on Jeff's phone, sir. It's between him and another one of his friends." Kirk hands the device to the captain.

Joe quickly scans through it and then hands it to Jerry.

"I wonder what Jeff has to say about this." Jerry storms into the interrogation room. Joe follows.
"So, Jeff, do you mind explaining this message I found on your phone." Jerry shows him the message.

Jeff skims through it. "I... I didn't write it. I don't even know who this Bruce guy is."

"How did the message get on your phone if you didn't write it?"

"Maybe it was spoofed."


"That's when you can make a message look like it came from a phone when it didn't."

"So, you're claiming someone put this on your phone?"

"They... They must have
be... Because I didn't write it."

"We'll just see about that."

Kirk meets them at the door when they step out again."We checked the security camera from the stoplight. It shows Jeff returning around twelve-thirty." He shows them the footage.

"That fits what he told us, boss."

"How can you tell if a message has been spoofed, Kirk."

"That's easy sir." He grabs the phone and taps a few keys. "The message center will tell you," he explains as he scans the list. "It looks like all the messages were sent from his phone, sir. The last one was made around ten-thirty last night."

"Now are you convinced, boss?"

"Maybe someone found his phone sent the message and then planted it at the cabin."

"The only fingerprints on it were his, sir. Besides its security code was his thumbprint until we changed it."

"Jeremy had his body in the trunk."

"Not at ten thirty,
Jerr. He and Tony were at the cabin the first time around then."

"So Jeff must've sent the message right after his and Paul's fight."

Joe scratches his head, "Unless Paul sent it, trying to frame him for something else. Possibly Jessica's murder."

"How would Paul unlock it, boss?"

"Maybe it was unlocked when he found it."

"The entire area is a dead zone, captain."

"A dead zone, Kirk?"

"You can't get a signal until you get a mile or so down the highway."

"So, he sent it before he met Paul and then dropped it on the way out."

"What did you find out about Barry's security camera, Kirk?"

"There's no signs of tampering, sir. Tony's dad claims he came in around eleven-thirty. Said Tony was pissed because he and Jeff had just got into an argument. The dad asked him what it was about, but he wouldn't say."

"I imagine it had to do with Paul."

"What do you want to do now, boss?

"We have to release Barry and Jeremy now that we don't have anything to hold them on."

"The bloody clothes, gun, GSR, message and fingers should be enough to convict Jeff and Tony."

"Right, Jerr."

Jeremy, Highschool graduate, always being bullied by his peers because of his disease, chronic tic disorder.
Jessica, Jeremy's best friend she was raped at a party and was pregnant with Paul's child.
Paul, Tony, Jeff, bullies, Jeremy's enemies
Barry, Jeremy's biological dad.
Bonnie and Max Webb Jessica's parents
Berryville PD
Joe Bower, captain
Rachel Bower, sergeant, Joe's wife, Jessica's older sister.

Jerry, a detective was a sergeant his health forced him to step down
Kirk, detective. He previously worked in the lab.


The book continues with Love Concurs All . We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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