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My guy deserves an award for the patience he's SHOWN with me ... He doesn't deserve to be where he's at - please let him come home!
 Category:  Romance Poetry
  Posted: November 20, 2019      Views: 22

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Writing has been my passion since childhood, however that passion has increased tenfold since 2018.
As a young girl, that was raised by a Narcissistic mother, I had challenges facing me daily! My mother told me I would never make a good writer a - more...

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #31 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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My guy is quite an exceptional man ... Please set him free
"Please ... please set him free" by Melodie Michelle
I've written so
many poems about
my guy because
he's been so many
amazing things just
for me ...
Now he's in that
hated jail cell
and I know that all
he wants is "outta" there
and just to go home
and to be set free ...

He is like a bird
that had his wings
clipped causing
him to be maimed ...
He doesn't belong
in that place where
he's at, it's really
just a huge, horrible,
crying damn shame ...

This man is
more loyal
and honest than
anyone else around
and he goes out
of his way ...
to help those
that society might
claim - that they
have gone astray ...

His heart is bigger
than Texas and that
is really pretty
damn big ...
but he's in a
lonely cold cell now
because of zagging
when he probably
should've zigged ...

We all make mistakes
of course, however
his are a lot
lesser than most ...
no matter what
he's going through
you will never hear
this man,
on himself, boast ...

His character
and integrity are
off tha chain ...
his morals and
his values can't
even cover up
the fact that
he's seen way more
than his fair
share of pain ...

He kinda thought
that the other shoe
would drop because
in his mind, I was
probably just
like the rest ...
There was nothing
I could say to
convince him that
it just wasn't true,
still I believe I'm
showing him this now,
that I'm quite unique
and I hope he's seeing
that clearly, after
his first and only
ever arrest ...

I hate that it took
this loathsome
and lousy situation
for me
to prove to him ...
that my feelings
were true and not
made up in my mind
and because he'd
been such a gem -
no, my feelings
would certainly
never ever grow dim ...

He just doesn't
see in himself what
I can clearly see ...
His gorgeous looks,
those beautiful eyes
and a voice that could
make you melt -
I certainly know what
they all do to me ...

I know he's one
to catch most
women's eye,
especially if they've
spoken to him for
even five minutes ...
I'm pretty territorial
and trust me when
I say those "ladies"
don't want to
test my limits ...

She certainly
"can't sit in his lap",
"oh no - she'd better not" ...
It's kind of an inside
joke between us
yet all I was able to do
was simply sit and steam -
I just wanted to go
back and be with him -
back to our own
private little spot ...

He's got the patience
of Job and he
deserves a grand
purple heart ...
Believing in me,
cheerleading for me,
and waiting on me
to fix my own
broken parts ...
I'd do anything
for him to stay
and not leave
me crying
in the dark ...

I have complete
and total respect
for this man ...
Never in my life
had I to any before ...
But never has any
other man, shaken
me down to
my very core ...

I honestly don't know
how I would live
without him in
my CrAzY life ...
he means the
whole world to me
and I think that I'm
important and special
to him as well, all
because I've seen
it deep in those
amazingly beautiful eyes ...

He's precious and exceptional
to so many more
than just me ...
His mom and daughter
with his son
and his sister too,
oh how I pray so hard
every single day -
"Father God we
all want him and
need him so much,
would You please,
please ... please
Father God, please
just set him free"...

written by:

Melodie Michelle Wood

Author Notes
This poem honors the exceptional and honored man that my guy is made up of. I've never seen another, in my many years of looking: his heart, his passion for life, his character and integrity, his honesty as well as his loyalty - make this recipe the finest in East Texas!
I'm honored and trust me when I say that he's my everything!
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