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Thank you Stephen for just being there for me - you are amazing!
 Category:  Biographical Poetry
  Posted: December 4, 2019      Views: 22

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Writing has been my passion since childhood, however that passion has increased tenfold since 2018.
As a young girl, that was raised by a Narcissistic mother, I had challenges facing me daily! My mother told me I would never make a good writer a - more...

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #40 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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My past comes right up to me and slaps me hard in my face
"Ohhh no ... not again" by Melodie Michelle
My nose is scarcely
able to breathe
through the stuffiness inside ...
The cottony way
my ears crackle,
while muffled sounds
come from right beside ...

Faintly enough I felt
that my eyes were swollen
from crying so hard ...
intensely those throbs
that were in the background
were making their way back -
no holes barred ...

I can't explain
the pain in my heart
or in my gut ...
feeling light headed
and fuzzy, slumber
threatens to escape, but ...

I just know that
I'm just not the same person
and without you around
to take the lead ...
It's all I can do
to keep myself
on the right track, indeed ...

I can't believe
this is happening yet again,
my mind screams
out "why me" ...
I don't know one person
that would've handle
what I've handled thus far
Oh I how I wish you were free ...

My body feels heavy
and useless while
also feeling hurt ...
and nothing makes
a difference, my thoughts
tend to overexert ...

Withdrawals from you
are at an all time high ...
hard jolts hit my mind
as I desperately try
not to scream out and cry ...

You're the only one
who can soothe
my anxious soul
as it gets way
"outta" this world ...
I don't know how
to get through this again,
especially in your absence
and in realizing that
makes me truly want to hurl ...

Exhaustion hits me
like a train
that's gone rogue,
screeching down
the rusty tracks ...
Making its way
across my brain,
breaking the last
bond of impact ...

Unsteadily, my thoughts
were floating all around me ...
but never fear because alas,
they were only meant
to help me break free ...

Hazy warnings
exploding from the
inside out of my head ...
please make all these
things go away instead ...

The memories of them
were shocking
and scary to say the least ...
Of those earlier years,
when we first met
and they didn't
frighten you away
because your interest
in me seemed
to only increase ...

Random crazy thoughts
are bouncing
off me and my crown ...
feeling ugly and gross,
so much so that it
was impossible for me,
not to be down ...

I think about you, then
looking past all of that ...
seeing me, kissing me
and wanting me
despite the craze -
you got beside me
and went into full combat ...

Being alone,
heart clinching
and fear facing
are the only ways I know ...
I'm digging in deep
with you beside me
because with
something like this
you cannot go slow ...

I will be over the top
happy when this
finally does end ...
going through this alone
sucks without my
beyond best friend.

Written by:
Melodie MicheLLe Wood

Author Notes
We all have things we go through, hard things, at different times in our lives. This poem touches on my past coming back for the fifth time to slap me hard. Meant to run my Stephen off in the beginning but it didn't run him off. He stayed to fight with me, as he will do now, only from a distance.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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© Copyright 2016. Melodie Michelle All rights reserved. Registered copyright with FanStory.
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