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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: December 11, 2019      Views: 117
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I put my dreams on hold for many years after tragedy struck our family, I realized that no one is promised tomorrow. If I put off my dreams much longer that's all they'll ever be.
So I pound away at keyboard day after day, hoping to make - more...

She is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #11 spot on the rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #73 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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Chapter 6 of the book Nowhere to Hide
The Berryville police investigates Abby's case. Abby flees.
"Falsely Accused" by Mistydawn

After her arrest, Abby Miller decides to start a new life in a small southern town under a fictitious name. Everything is going great until she stumbles onto incriminating evidence against the mob. Antonio breaks into her home, hoping to retrieve the information. Abby flees from him and the law. She hides in her friend's van. Abby and her friend Thelma get caught in a roadblock at the state line. She makes it through that only to be discovered again.

  indicates a new scene, a new area. 


Frazzled from the night's horrid events, running from the police and the mob, Abby throws herself across the steering wheel and sobs "Why can't I get a break, why?" 

The officer knocks on the window again, harder than before.

I can either lay here and feel sorry for myself, stall the inevitable, or face what's coming my way. Abby notices the keys in the ignition when she dries her face. I can either flee or go to jail. She glances at the intruder and then the keys. They'll have road-blocks set up before I get out of town.

The officer pounds on the barrier again.

I don't need to add more charges to what I already have. Abby rolls down her window. "Can... Can I help you, officer?" She gulps as she wipes her face again.

"I hate to bother you in your time of grief, but I'm afraid you can't park here." He points to a metal post.
"I'll lose my job if I allow you to stay."

Abby glances at the sign. " I'll... I'll move."

"God be with you."

"Thank you." She sniffles. Starting the van, Abby pulls away. She glances back as she crosses the lot. What a sweet man, nice looking too. A lewd thought flashes through her mind. Now's not the time to think about that. She scolds, repositioning herself in the seat. Abby hasn't dated since she fled. She's afraid her identity would be discovered if she did.

Tires squeal behind her. Abby looks in the mirror to find a red sports car on her tail.

The lady yells something and then flips her the bird.

"I... I didn't see you." Abby speeds up. She sees the car pulling to the shoulder of the road. I didn't sideswipe her, did I? Abby replays the events in her mind. I don't think I did. She notices a squad car coming towards her when she glances in the mirror again.

"She called the cops on me." Beads of sweat pops out across her forehead. Her heart pounds in her chest. Her throat constricts making it difficult to breathe. Clenching the steering wheel, Abby gasps for air. "I can't let them catch me, I just can't." She pushes the pedal down more.

Abby recalls police chases on TV. How the lucky ones are taken to the hospital and the unlucky to the morgue. I'd much rather serve my time than take my chances with fate. Abby slows down. I've met a lot of sweet people, these past few years. Helped some darling kids too. I'll be able to do it again once I'm free.

She starts to pull over when a harrowing thought comes to mind. The initial time has probably doubled now that  I've ran. She calculates the time in her head. I'll be an old lady when I get out. If I manage to stay alive.

Abby sees an off-ramp a few feet away. She glances behind her to find the officer is still a distance away. Think I'll take my chances. She speeds up. Abby is halfway down the exit when the cop whizzes by. "They're not chasing me." She laughs.


After searching for hours, Antonio decides to look through Abby's phone. He hopes it'll give him an idea as to where she might go.

Antonio starts to click on the contacts button when he discovers a life 360 icon at the bottom of the page. My nephew has the same app on his phone. He tries to recall what the lad had said. Abby owns a smartwatch? Of course, she does, she's a fitness freak. He then remembers Francesco going on and on about its tracking device. I wonder if I can find her. 

Antonio clicks on the app. A few minutes later, a map pops up on the screen This could be it. Antonio takes a deep breath and waits. A small red dot finally appears. According to this, she's traveling south on I 44. I may not have found the file, but I can make sure that she doesn't blab to the police. Scrambling to his feet, he grabs his keys off the wooden table and heads towards the door.


Chaos continues all around them. The sergeant is giving a long distance what-for, while Jerry is working at his desk.

Hanging up, Rachel turns towards Jerry, a perplexed look on her face.

"Did they tell you anything?"

"The officer said Troy lawyered up. With him being a career criminal, I imagine he knows the statute of limitations expires on the charge soon." Rachel tilts her head to the side. Glancing off in the distance she asks, "I wonder if she knows too?"

"I doubt it, seeing that her record is squeaky clean. The captain and I watched her interrogation, and she seemed completely clueless when they questioned her about the drugs."

"It doesn't surprise me. Not after what her friends said." Rachel sees the captain walking toward them when she looks up.

"I just got off the phone with Chicago's Chief of Police. He said he'll look into the matter."

"Do you think it'll do any good, boss?"

"I hope so, Jerr."

"Abby's case probably isn't the only one they've botched up," Rachel adds.

"If the DA drops the charge won't her failure to appear be lifted too?"

"That's up to the judge. Usually, a lawyer will argue the point and the judge will dismiss the case."

"I hope that's what happens to her."


The morning has quickly turned into a warm sunny afternoon as Abby continues her journey. The trip has remained uneventful despite the dicey beginning.

Abby crosses into Oklahoma when her stomach decides to growl. I hope they've packed a little food. She devoured the baby's snacks hours ago. Although dry cereal isn't her go-to snack it served its purpose momentary. Maybe I should use the restroom and save myself the embarrassment of squatting at the side of the road again. What if someone recognizes me? Her stomach roars again. First things first, I need to find something to eat. 

She discovers the rest stop is empty when she pulls in. Now's my chance. She dashes inside the building.

Abby starts to leave when she hears two women talking. I'll wait until they're in their stalls. She closes her door. Their barriers pull to, they click their latches in place. Abby reaches for her lock when another set of footsteps shuffles across the dusty floor. This is followed by a second and then a third. Did someone open the floodgates? She stands by the door and waits.

She hears footsteps heading outside while others move across the floor. The faucet squeaks, water splashes against the basin. The women carry on a conversation while they primp in the mirror.

Abby's stomach growls with fury. She wraps her arm around her middle trying to stifle the noise. I hope they didn't hear me.

She peeks through the small crack between the door and frame. One of the ladies is headed outside: the second is nowhere to be found. She must've left. Abby reaches for the door; someone taps on the other side. Abby smacks the toilet seat with her leg when she springs back. The seat slams against the porcelain; She jumps again.

"Are you alright?" the lady asks.

"Something I ate didn't agree with me, but I'll be alright soon. Thanks for asking."

"I hope you get to feeling better." The lady hobbles across the floor.

Abby waits a few minutes before she opens the door. Discovering the coast is clear, she runs to the entrance and peeks outside. Now's my chance. She dashes to the van.

A cop pulls in when she's halfway across the yard.

Abby glances at the van then the restrooms trying to figure out what to do.


Joe walks over to the detectives with a big smile on his face. "You'll never believe what just happened."

Jerry looks up from his computer. "What boss, what?"

"The DA has dropped the charges, and the judge has agreed to dismiss her case."

"I wish we could tell her."

"Maybe her friends can give her the news."

"Great idea, Jerr, thanks." Grabbing a piece of paper, she scans the list.

"We may not have caught our burglar, boss, but at least we've helped an innocent person go free."

"The day is still young." Kirk sits a laptop in front of them.

"Did you get into the computer?"

"I did more than that; I found the file, and you'll never believe what's on it." He clicks on an icon. The captain and his detectives scan the document.

"This could put Romero and his crew away for life," Rachel exclaims.

Diego overhears the sergeant's comment. I've got to let Romero know. He springs out of his seat.

The captain looks up to find the rookie dashing across the station. "Go see what he's up to, Jerr."

"My pleasure, boss."

Abby, a fugitive, found incriminating evidence against the mob.
Antonio, Romero's right-hand man. Member of the mob.
Romero, the godfather of the mob

Berryville PD
Joe, captain. He's been with the force for over 25 years.
Rachel, sergeant, Joe's wife, mother of Joe Jr.
Jerry, detective. He was a sergeant, health issues made him step down.
Jack, forensic tec
Rick, forensic tec.
Kirk forensic tec.
Deigo, rookie, Romero's mole.


The book continues with Double Dipping. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.
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