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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Non-Fiction
  Posted: December 22, 2019      Views: 69

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"For Heavens Sake" by country ranch writer

Christmas is known for its tranquility and cheer, a seasonal reprieve from the ills of the world or so they claimed. Chances are you may not survive this holiday, but go ahead, if it makes you feel any better make the preverable list to good Ole Santa Claus. Rudolph's nose isn't the only thing getting out of joint this year.

This is the season to be terrified by all means as Santa breaks into your homes and into your private life via the chimney. If this Santa isn't a fake? Why then, is he wreaking havoc on the nearby residents? It keeps one wondering right up till the end. Did Santa really turn bad? Did Santa really flip his wig?

Late Christmas Eve there were thieves stealing everything in sight . When the deed was discovered it was to late too recover all of the Christmas presents. Trees were stolen from right in front of the fire station decorated with lights and the ornaments. Along with grocery store lots some trees were stolen even right from the tree lot itself.

As usual parents are just trying to get their dysfunctional families through the Christmas season
despite the kids acting out, and those yearly trying family moments. All in all I think it is safe to say a holiday season can be deemed a success if no one gets injured. After all the holidays are about spending time with one another. "The thief can't take that away!"

Btw don't let little moments like these ruin your holiday. Christmas time is usually full of fun and joy, although, sometimes things get in the way. Did you ever have a holiday that didn't go quite right?

I took the day off from writing and went with along with my friend Sally while she shopped for odd shaped Christmas ornaments. She has a great collection of them, she started saving then when she was around seven. There were little wooden ones that were made all by hand, some made of spun glass, others with intricate detailed markings on them.

One in particular she paid only Two dollars for, it was made like a heart, so beautiful, it was soft blue with etching around the heart. Sally took it home and laid it on her corner table till after they had finished supper

She carefully examined the ornament this way and that way, shaking it but nothing visible. It wasn't Labeled in any art center as interesting.

Sally then picked up the cell phone and called her daughter to come over and look at it, as she thought it was puzzling. It seemed to have something inside. Sally's daughter examined the ornament and held it up to the light. There seemed to be ashes inside in both chambers on each side of the heart. She wished she had the answer for her mom, but she'd never heard or seen anything like it.

Sally posted a picture of it on the Internet inquiring as to if anyone knew who may have owned it or where they might have bought it. As there was no tell tale markings to give them any clue as to where it might have come from. Was it left behind when someone moved forgetting it was in the ornament box? Should these ornaments remain unclaimed? Were they human ashes or someone's pet? We may never know.

Well months had passed by and no replies, until one day she checked and there was a note along with a picture of a pink heart just like her blue one. It was from out of state and the lady Millie didn't have any clue either who hers belonged to. Millie and Sally are still looking for the owners of the strange ornaments. Millie like Sally has shopped thrift stores, after thrift stores, to find something for her trees every Christmas holidays. The rustic the better for them, they loved making ornaments out of bits of cloth and glitter and even button people to hang on their tree a trick Sally's grandma knew how to make.

Many thrift stores start setting up in the beginning of October---January.There are lots of bargains to be had by all. Yard sales, estate sales, Dollar General, craft stores and storage units have great treasures of all sorts. Many swap meets in the paper are a good find, you never know when you might find tables along roads with things for sale. Church bazaars do a lot of stuff during the holidays, Michaels, and also, Fabric places are great.

When we were young my dad used to take us up to Diamond Hill to get out trees. Dad would buy two big ones, he'd get one fore home and one for the office on location.The man at the lot knew my dad so he let us get a tree half price. We were all getting together at Ricks house, the man from the office. He seems very nice.

This year for me the joy of the season has been replaced by a sense of emptiness and dread. I have wrestled with the idea of do I want to avoid the season altogether or should I put on my game face and pretend everything is okay and muddle through for the sake of others?

My husband used to cut our own tree down on the ranch, careful to not break any of the branches, but this year is different. We knew as we grew older there would be changes in our life but we did not realize it would be this year and neither of us was prepared quite yet for his passing so quickly.

This Christmas is especially hard with so many memories and traditions which after eight months has
and forever changed. I am still a mess and I know I have a really long way to go yet, but by the grace of God and friends I will manage to get there eventually.this year I can't wait for the day to come and go also New Years. I am not looking forward to this surgery coming up on January sixth I just hope everything goes okay.I have been putting this surgery of getting my hip replaced for over two years now if not longer.

The weather has turned off cold this evening and it had rained for about two hours earlier. It is supposed to rain again tomorrow, so not much will probably get done till the weather clears. There are a lot of events going on around down town. The traffic is going to more congested during the holiday season. Santa is supposed to be at Lowe's this weekend or Walmart. Always leave ahead of time and check on what's going on around you. The closer you are to what's happening around you the more comfortable you will be. It is always great to stay one step ahead of the situation.

I love to ride at night looking over the area where the lights have been displayed. So many lights are displayed coming from all over and been shown for many a year. Such a great display of accomplishment and fulfillment capturing things nicely, feeling the motivation one puts into a display of lights. Surly capturing the charm as one goes by, enjoying everything nostalgic.
Sometimes it takes trial and error to get things just right.

On Christmas Eve everyone gathers over at the library for the reading of the rendition of,"The Night Before Christmas." It is read by the mayor of the town. Afterwards everyone goes to the ice skating rink and everyone drinks hot cholocate while there. It is a fun time had by one and all.

There are many Olympic skaters out on the ice sharpening up their skills for their next competition. They have agreed to help with raising money for the children's homeless shelter. They will also be helping to serve a hot Christmas meal, of all the turkey and trimmings to them they can eat at the youth center. Santa will be there to give out presents to everyone, young and old.

Looks like there is a story going around Montana that there just might be a chance for a white Christmas after all. With the children out on Christmas break they are chomping at the bit to play out in the snow.Christmas just isn't Christmas until one can make snowmen and make snow angels. Sledding and skiing is also on top of the older children and adults list. Snuggling up by the fire in the evening is a win, win for most.

Author Notes
The bad news is Santa isn't coming to town, Or is he?
Merry Christmas to one and all.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by VMarguarite at

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