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 Category:  General Fiction
  Posted: January 8, 2020      Views: 9

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I live in Chessington which is in England and I love to write, I hope to make a carreer out of this if im good enough.

She is a top ranked author at the #74 position.

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a story
"The card game" by dmt1967

Sam glanced at the cards in his hand.

The barman of the tavern slandered over. “Time, gentlemen, please.” He pointed to the big wall clock. “We closed half an hour ago.”

The only man in the game waved his arm in the air.

The barman’s eyes seemed to glaze over. He picked up the empty glasses and walked away.

Sam shook his head. Focus. My big break. I can break even with this hand. Damn, he called. Sam gazed at his lack of chips, no way can I see him.

The man looked up and smiled.

Sam blinked as he gazed into two eye sockets. God, it must be late, I’m seeing things. A man with two black holes for eyes. What did the guy put in my drink?

“Are you going to call?”

Sam licked his bottom lip. “Wi-will you take an IOU? I’m good for it.”

The man shook his head.

“Or my watch.” Sam slid it off his wrist. “It’s worth a lot of money. Its gold.”

Again, the man shook his head.

A bead of sweat trickled down Sam’s cheek.

“There is one thing.”

“What, anything.”

“Your soul.”

“My what!”


Sam gave a nervous chuckle. “This is a joke, right?”

The man shrugged. “You said anything.”

Sam stared at the man. Oh, what the hell. “Okay, I call.” He placed his cards on the table. “Three aces. Read them and weep.”

He leaned forward to collect his reward, but the guy stopped him. He gave him an evil grin and laid his cards on the table, a straight flush.

The pain in Sam’s chest started and he clutched his heart and fell to the floor. His soul left his body.

The man took his hat off and revealed two horns. “Your mine now.” He produced a bottle and Sam floated in. “The boss will be pleased.” He muttered before both Sam and he disappeared.

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© Copyright 2016. dmt1967 All rights reserved.
dmt1967 has granted, its affiliates and its syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

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