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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: January 10, 2020      Views: 96

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For more than 50 years I wrote and set aside my writing hoping someday, as I came into a life of repose, I would be able to review, organize and find my inner voice through my writing. This wonderful site provides such a safe haven, instruction, crit - more...

He is a top ranked author at the #38 position.

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #4 spot on this years rankings.

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Twenty reasons
"Almost heaven" by JLR
Twenty on my list shall be the trees on my property
Nineteen on my list is this; the headstream up the hill
that pulls water from Mother earth year-round still.
Eighteen on my list are the hand-stacked rocks
that border our drive for a city block.
Seventeen on my list is easy to write on
the in-ground, indoor pool to swim in.
Sixteen on the defining list is the pottery studio
to throw pots for who-ever dares sit at the wheel solo.
Fifteen on my list of joys is the birdfeeder with seed
hanging by my window with birds aplenty to see.
Fourteen on my list are the squirrels running around
cracking acorns leaving shells lying on the ground.
Thirteen in my list revealed is the one white squirrel
whose presence the hawk seems to give it a deferral.
Twelve on my list of homespun pleasantries
are the fawn and the doe who hide behind trees.
Eleven on the list are the large nests
high in the sky among branches, hiding birds from pests.
Ten on my list of aha’s for me the seventeen hemlocks
growing stately dripping dew wetting the rocks.
Nine on my list of simple delights are mama black bear,
and her little cubs knowing always stay alert and to be aware.
Eight on my list are the two mourning doves who,
every morning, I hear their very soft coo.
Seven on my list counting down
are our wonderful neighbors, whom we closely surround.
Six on my list, sounds of the gentle rains that bounce
off the windowpanes, lightning flashes unannounced.
Five on my list of things are the stepping-stones
where up the hill I rest, on the bench, my weary bones.
Four on my countdown are the points of the compass
North, South, East, West to shout and be a rumpus.
Three on my list I can’t forget: breeze in leaves
and the wind gusts that flutter my sleeves.
Two on my list are the four perfect seasons
that give forth to living here, a particular reason.
One completes my list: my soulmate walks in stride
in and among all this, hand in hand, my bride!

20 Item List Poem contest entry


Author Notes
20 Item List Poem DONE IN 39 LINES
Write a list poem, serious or humorous, using a list of 20 things. The twenty things do not need to be related, but sometimes if they are related, it makes the poem flow more coherently. The easiest way to write a list poem might be to write 20 foods you like to eat, or 20 things in your room/house/apartment, or 20 things you see on the way to work/school/somewhere else. Sometimes ingredient lists on foods or recipes can inspire ideas, too, or even looking at a menu. 40 lines or less, poet's choice of meter or rhyme scheme, or free verse. Your poem can tell a story of how you found the things, what you do with the things, or how they might be changed to create something new or improve the world as you know it. They do not need to be real things, although there should be something about them that is still grounded in reality somehow. In other words, even a list poem using 20 abstract concepts will work.
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