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 Category:  General Script
  Posted: January 17, 2020      Views: 65
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Have English B.A. with Creative Writing Emphasis from the University of Utah. Came back to Fanstory.com after 6 years gone to practice more genres of writing and get writing prompt ideas. I have written over 1500 poems, twenty songs, and sixteen scr - more...

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She is an accomplished script writer and is currently at the #6 spot on the rankings.

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Chapter 5 of the book The Legend of John Shane
Scene 5 of Act 1 plus Entr-Act
"A1S5 Legend of John Shane" by CrystieCookie999

Scene 5

The perimeter of the Claussen farm. JOHN and MARYANN enter from Stage Left.

(Has a new lariat rope looped over his shoulder and is carrying a lantern.) Well, MaryAnn. Guess I'll be on my way into town with that outlaw now. It's pretty late, but I figure the sheriff will be glad to find someone who's been behind cattle rustling in the area.

Oh, John, you got all my cows back, even in the dark. Thank you so very much!

Aw, this lantern helped. (Holds up lantern.) Besides, I think your cows are pretty attached to ya, MaryAnn. They didn't wander too far. And I can understand why.

Oh, John.

(Song) "Love Happens When It Wants To"

(Unbeknownst to them, COLE and BIG MARTY sneak in from Stage Right, to eavesdrop.)

(Pleased.) Why, John. (Back to business.) Well, you can use my father's horse until you get your own back.

Yes'm. Oh, that reminds me. I gotta go pick up my Sterling in the morning. I don't think the blacksmith is gonna want to be a caretaker much longer, and you know a stall isn't going to hold a thousand pounds of fine mettle forever. Sterling's gotta be moved soon!

Yeah, you're right on that count. You can bring your Sterling back here. Hey, your hat got all dusty from chasin' after the cows in the past hour. Let me dust it off for you. (Removes JOHN's hat and uses a plain handkerchief or small clothes brush she removes from a pocket to dust it off while JOHN looks on admiringly. She continues to dust it and replaces it on his head close to the time that COLE and BIG MARTY finish with the following dialogue.)

(To BIG MARTY). Did you hear that? That John fellow said somethin' about sterling silver and a thousand pounds of fine metal. How in Sam Hill did they find out about the silver on MaryAnn's land? Sounds like they've already started mining it, and refining it!

Well, boss, I guess you'll just have to move in on her that much faster. Play your hand a little quicker, that's what you gotta do. (Pulls out gun.) Unless, of course, you want me to shoot him now.

No, not now; it would only turn MaryAnn one hundred percent against me. It would be better to wait and come up with a different way to handle this John fellow. Anyways, he doesn't know who's he dealin' with! Time's a'wastin' -- and I don't know where those other idiots are, but now I see why MaryAnn didn't come runnin' to me. I don't know who he captured, either, but I guess we'll find out soon enough. We sure can't take the chance of being seen, so let's get back to town.

(COLE and BIG MARTY sneak back off Stage Right.)

Why, thank you, MaryAnn. There's nothin' like havin' a clean hat.

No, I'm the one who should be thankin' you! (Impulsively gives JOHN a quick kiss, which he responds positively to, so the kiss lengthens in a warm embrace.)

(Lights down.)



(ELLIE and IDA return, this time entering from opposite sides of the stage, i.e. IDA enters from Stage Right, and ELLIE enters from Stage Left. IDA is carrying a bouquet of flowers, and ELLIE is carrying a quilt under her arm, if desired.)

Why, Ida! You're looking wonderful! You haven't aged a bit since Act I!

Thank you, Ellie! It's because I spend so much time outdoors in the fresh air. (Holds up bouquet.) I even picked these just a few minutes ago.

Well, does your husband mind you stayin' outside so often?

Of course not. Why, every time we have a fight, I just tell him, "All right then, I'm going out!"

Wait a minute. You mean to say, come rain, lightning, snow, or sleet, you are the one who goes outside when you have a fight?

(Grins.) Yeah, that's right.

Hold on here. Why don't you tell him he needs to go out?

Aw, gee. I never thought of that!

Oh, my goodness.

Hey, Ellie, I heard a good joke the other day. It's a cowboy joke.

Really? I like a good cowboy joke. Go on and tell it, then.

Yeah. So anyway, why did the cowboy buy a dachshund for a pet?

A dachshund? Gosh, Ida, I don't know. That seems pretty strange to me.

Well, he did it on account of his boss telling him he needed to "get along, little dogie." Get it? A long little dogie!

(Laughs or groans.) Oh, Ida. Did your brother tell you that joke?

Well, yeah. You know, my brother said something pretty memorable about you the other day.

He did? What was it?

Oh, he said you would make a good fisherman.

Huh? Why would he say I would make a good fisherman?

Well, actually, he said you'd make a good fisherman 'cuz when you're talkin' about your husband, you're always complainin' about the one you caught, but you also keep braggin' about the ones that got away!

(A little miffed.) Oh, really? (Back to old self.) Well, Ida, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Uh, now what are the chances of that?

(Sighs.) Never mind. I'm thinking that it's just about time for Act 2.

Sounds good to me! And I'd better get my flowers away from the lady in the first row here! I think she must have allergies -- she's been snifflin' and wipin' her eyes ever since I came out here with them.

Oh, Ida, she's doin' that just because your jokes were just so painful!

(Cheerful.) Oh, that's all right then. (Pauses.) Huh?

Come on, Ida. All right, folks, we're ready to start Act 2!

(IDA and ELLIE exit Stage Left.)


The script continues with A2S1 Legend of John Shane. We will provide a link to it when you review this below.

Author Notes
Full title of this musical melodrama is: The Legend of John Shane: Tale of the Rustlers' Trace.
"dogie" - slang for cattle, sounds somewhat like 'doggie' or 'doggy,' hence the dog humor.
Pays one point and 2 member cents. Artwork by seshadri_sreenivasan at FanArtReview.com

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