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 Category:  Horror and Thriller Fiction
  Posted: January 18, 2020      Views: 14

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
Hailee Jones is a murderer, but is she guilty?
"Angel Dust" by Izabella1

Capital Murder. That is what I was charged with. That and first-degree murder of Charlotte and Brandon Jones. And my punishment? Death by the Electric Chair. Even though I pleaded that I was not at fault, no matter how much I wailed and begged and bawled -- the evidence showed me no mercy -- the evidence only spoke against me, only proved that I was at fault, that I was to blame; -- that I was Guilty.
An ear splitting wail erupted from the depths of my throat as my escort dragged me out of the courtroom, the doors slamming behind me. I struggled in the man's grip as he shoved me down the dark, narrow hallway.
Why did I end up in this mess? How did it come to murder?
As I fight against the man, I can recall what got me here in the first place. The memory of that fateful night, the memory that will be the last thing on my mind; -- before the Electricity overruns it.
Newport News, Virginia is a nice fairly small city on the James River, and yet, I hate living here. Too many bad memories in this dump that will forever scar my brain.
They decided to make my prescription illegal about four years ago and, since I'm not smart enough to make it myself, I have to get it from my prescriber. My prescriber likes to meet me at Greenlawn Memorial Park every Tuesday so that I can get my medication.
I look at the calendar to see what day it was. Today marked Tuesday, August 10th of 1982, today wasn't going to go as I hoped it would've.
My prescriber gave me my medication a while ago, but I had to wait for my sister, Mary, to leave in order to take it.
"Hailee! I'll be heading to work now. If you need anything just call." Mary shouted from the front doorway, her blonde hair up in a high ponytail and her keys dangling in her hand.
"Okay, have fun! Oh and bring me home something sweet!"
Mary chuckled, her laugh echoing from down the hall, before leaving for work. The sound of her engine roaring to life was enough to convince me that I was finally alone.
I scampered to my room and grabbed my prescription, then went to my sisters room, where she has the supplies that I need. Scavenging for what I was looking for, I failed to see my sisters purse sitting on her bed.
A few minutes passed by and I found what I needed. A needle. I sighed in content then strutted towards the living room. Sitting down on the couch, I took off my belt and tightened it around my arm. The needle, now filled with my medication, penetrated my arm, the liquid seeping into my veins as I felt more alive.
My mind started to feel fuzzy -- like a camera going in and out of focus -- when a horrendous stench filled my nose. The rotten smell reeked of something that I have smelled only once before, something that brings back a frightening memory -- no, nightmare -- something that smells like rotten eggs; -- the stench of sulfur.
That night was like any other night, my parents had bid me and my sister a goodnight and headed off to bed. Mary was still a bit sour about the previous actions of getting grounded that night, but that was to be expected when you get caught doing unprescribed medication.
Sleep was all I had on my mind as I staggered up the stairs up to my room, my feet dragging me all the way. Nothing but a blissful sleep.
I woke with a start, sweat dripping down my face as I recalled the nightmare of my house ablaze and the horrid screams of my parents, that seemed all too real. In my state of fright, I jumped out of bed and bolted to my parents room, just to make sure they were all right. I should have just stayed in bed.
When I threw open the door, what greeted me made me violently retch. My parents; -- they had been -- I couldn't even finish that thought. I refused to believe it, I refused but yet the evidence is right in front of me, the evidence proved to me -- my parents were dead.
They weren't dead because of a natural cause, no, -- they were brutally stabbed to death. The sight was unsightly, the blood oozing out of their mouths -- the horror still stuck on their faces -- eyes wide open -- their guts peeking out of the multiple stab wounds. I let out an ear splitting screech.
The only thing that I could detect was the awful stench of their blood -- and the reeking sulfur that lingered their room.
The sound of a door slamming brought me out of my vivid memory as my head turned slowly towards where it was coming from. My sister's room.
I took my belt off of my arm and slowly made my way towards her bedroom. The once bright hallway, was now dark and eerie. I gulped as I heard rustling coming from the other side of the door. It couldn't be my sister, she left for work hours ago and won't be back until late.
I glanced at the clock resting upon the wall. It read 6 o'clock. Mary shouldn't be back for another 3 hours. Then, who is in her room?
The sound of Mary's door opening made me whip my head and gasping in horror at what I saw. There stood a tall dark figure that seemed to be made of a transparent black mist and it's eyes were the color of topaz, the same color of my medication.
A horrendous screech erupted from the figures throat as it stalked closer. My eyes widened and I staggered backwards when I figured out what the figure was in front of me -- a demon. It had to be a demon; -- it reeked of sulfur and its eyes looked at me as though it wanted to murder me.
The demon, that was once creeping towards me, was now darting towards me. I screamed and tried to escape the demon, but it grabbed me by the hood of my sweater, dragging me back towards it. I hurriedly unzipped my sweater, which made me fly forward and the demon fly back.
I shot up and sprinted towards the kitchen, looking for anything that could help me. In the corner of my eye, something glimmered in the dimly lit kitchen. I turned towards it and my eyes widened in surprise at what I saw -- a knife. I grabbed the knife and tried to sneakily make my way around the demon, but unfortunately it spotted me and lunged to grab me. I slashed the knife at its outstretched hand and bolted towards my sisters room.
I tried to open the door, but it was locked. A creek was heard from the end of the hall and I slowly turned my body towards it. There it stood, the dark looming demon glared at my small frame as it sauntered towards me.
"I'm not afraid of you." My voice came out as a small trembling whisper, trying to get the demon away.
If the demon heard me, it made no notice of it and continued its way towards me.
"I'm not afraid of you." I spoke up a bit more, confidence building up as rage entered my veins.
The demon stopped for a split second before walking faster towards me.
"I'm not afraid of you!" I screamed, only rage filling my body as I believed that this is what killed my parents.
The demon shrieked and ran towards me, bringing out its claws and preparing to kill me.
My body, acting before I could even comprehend what was going on, plummeted towards the demon, screaming and full of rage -- with the knife aimed to kill.
When the demon was within reach, I buried the knife in its gut, pushing it down to the floor. The demon was screeching and shrieking and clawing at me, trying to push me away; -- but I wouldn't stop until it was dead.
I brought the knife back up an brought it back down into the demons chest, over and over and over. The demon tried to get out of my grip, screeching and shrieking, as if it was crying out for help. But who's going to help a demon?
Over and over, the knife went deeper and deeper into the demons chest -- the demon struggling -- until its feet stopped kicking; -- until its claws stopped scratching; -- until its heart stopped beating.
Panting, I got off the demon, the knife still logged in its chest, and looked at my hands. What was on them shocked me, I couldn't believe what was on my hand, but it was there, clear as day; -- blood. But demons don't bleed, do they?
Rapid knocking took me out of my trance, my eyes bolted towards the door.
"Open up! This is the police, we have you surrounded!"
What? Why would the police be at my house? They couldn't be here for the demon, could they?
I hesitated to go towards the door, but apparently the police didn't like that and kicked open the door. One of the policemen's eyes went wide at the scenery before them as the other one came up to me and forced me to the ground, putting my hands behind my back and cuffing them.
"Hailee Jones, you are under arrest for first degree murder of Mary Jones."
After hearing that my eyes went wide. I killed Mary? -- No -- that, that can't be right, she's still at work -- I killed that demon.
My head turned towards where the demon laid and I gasped in horror. What laid before me was no demon that I once saw before -- it was Mary.
Tears poured down my face as I continued to beg for forgiveness, to plead that I was not at fault, that I would never kill my sister. But my begging and my pleading and my wailing fell upon deaf ears as my escort shoved me down in the chair, strapping me in.
I wailed and bawled, "Please! You have to believe me, I would never!"
But as I continued to mourn, they pulled the switch, the Electricity flowed from the wires, to the chair, and eventually into me.
I don't want to die -- I didn't mean to kill her -- I didn't kill my parents. That last thought made me realize something. The smell of sulfur from the days my parents died and the smell from when the demon -- I mean Mary -- died.
My eyes widened in realization, before they turned up the voltage.
Howling and shrieking was all I could hear, along with the Electricity flowing through my body, as the thought of Mary was the last thing on my mind.

Horror Writing Contest contest entry
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