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 Category:  Spiritual Non-Fiction
  Posted: January 21, 2020      Views: 79

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I've been writing poetry for several years now. Some are serious. Some are funny. Some are of a Christian faith. I pride myself in being able to write a poem about almost anything. Give me a subject and I'll give you a poem. It takes m - more...

She is a top ranked author at the #33 position.

She is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #94 spot on this years rankings.

She is also an active reviewer and is holding the #31 spot on the top ranked reviewer list.

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This work has reached the exceptional level
How faith found me.
"A Leap of Faith" by Patty Palmer

Several years back, I became very ill with SEPSIS, a potentially life-threatening condition caused by the body's response to an infection. I had been in the hospital for an asthma attack, and my IV had needed changing. Unfortunately, it had become infected overnight and I woke up in the morning with red streaks running up and down my arm! When the doctor pressed on the site, instead of blood coming out, it oozed dark gray pus! After that day I don't remember much of anything. I woke up in a hospital several miles from home, on a respirator breathing for me!

For several days I was quite sedated, waking up here and there for a few minutes at a time. When I opened my eyes and would see my husband or other family members, I remember feeling comforted and peaceful then going back to sleep.

During this time, I was having terrible hallucinations that I couldn't escape from. I thought I was on a cruise ship at one point where the nurses danced and sang show tunes while they took care of the patients. One insisted that I buy girl scout cookies from her and I was scared because I had no money. This sounds funny now but I was petrified at the time!

I had no idea how ill I was. I remember a nurse waking me up to tell me they were taking me to the operating room now. I didn't even think to ask why. Turned out, I had spinal surgery to clean out the severe infection that had settled there. Overall, I had five surgeries to clean the infection from different bones and joints.

The worst hallucination I had was when I thought there was an amusement park ride in my room. It was a scrambler if you remember that ride from our youth. The ride had people on it who were laughing and having a wonderful time! A doctor appeared and told me that when the ride was over every one of the riders would be killed, including the children! I tried to yell to the people to run, but I knew they couldn't hear me. I asked the doctor what would happen to me. Suddenly, his head turned into the devil's head. It had big eyes and horns sticking from his head.

He told me that the reason I was so ill was because I was a very bad person and he had given me this illness to make me suffer. Then he told me that they were going to eat me for their dinner buffet. He laughed out loud with steam coming out of his mouth. I could see people actually setting up a buffet table on the other side of the room. I remember being so scared and none of my family was there to save me!

I've always felt that my spiritual faith was good, but I had never really tested it in any way before. The devil doctor walked back over to my bed and told me that it was time to cook me and that I had exactly two minutes left to breathe. I could feel the panic overtaking me! All of a sudden, I yelled, "Get behind me Satan!" Then immediately I said, "Jesus, the devil says I have two minutes to breathe so I'm coming to you, Lord!"

The next thing I remember was waking up and my sister was sitting by my bed in the intensive care unit. I told her what had happened and about how the devil was going to eat me! I also told her how I had told Jesus that I was coming.

My sister said that she had spent most of the day at the hospital with my husband and me and she had gone home to get some rest. She was just getting ready to get into bed when she just stopped. She had a feeling that I needed her, so she got dressed and drove the almost two- hour drive to the hospital in the middle of the night. It was about the time that I was having my talk with the Lord. She also asked me why did I say "Get behind me Satan!" I told her that it just came to me to say it, so I did. I had never heard that sentence anywhere before I said it that day. She said that it was a quote from the Bible! I'm not that good at memorizing Bible verses, but this is one I should have remembered. She said that by saying that verse it must have stopped Satan in his tracks and me calling on the Lord is probably what saved me. Later, they told my sister that my vital signs were all messed up and thought maybe they might lose me. This was happening just at the time my sister got the feeling that I needed her.

It took another week in the hospital and then two months in a nursing home for rehab to get well enough to go home. I have no worries about how strong my faith in the Lord is now. I KNOW how strong it is and that if ever I need Him, He's there for me!

Faith writing prompt entry

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Write a story or essay about faith.

Author Notes
A majority of those with SEPSIS infection do die. After my encounter with the devil, I was still very sick, but slowly I began to get better. I know the Lord was watching over me that day and has shown me many more times when He's been there even if I haven't called on Him. He already knows.
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