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 Category:  Commentary and Philosophy Non-Fiction
  Posted: January 21, 2020      Views: 13

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A legend in my own mind!

He is an accomplished poet and is currently at the #53 spot on this years rankings.

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Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of language.
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The 'trial' of Trump
"A Joke" by Mike Stevens

I KNEW someday my eleventh grade Debate class would come in handy. In said class, we were assigned to argue either the pro or con side of a topic, regardless of your true feelings on it. For example, we drew pro-nuclear power and had to make an argument for why it was a good thing, even though I personally felt the exact opposite at the time. This is exactly what Alan Dershowitz is doing as the president's new legal counsel, along with that gleaming pile of virtue, Ken Starr. He's arguing that since there's no proven crime committed, Trump can't be impeached. Cut to a clip of him arguing the exact opposite back in the 1999 impeachment of Bill Clinton. Anyone who thinks he has strong feelings against the impeachment of Donald J. Trump is fooling themselves. He's arguing for Republicans and against Democrats, period, and he's willing to bend and shape the law to fit his argument, which makes him a good lawyer, I suppose, a hypocritical one, but also effective, I hate to admit.

Starting today, the shit will be flying hot and heavy, with the clownish lawyers turning this impeachment trial into the most important, devoid of facts, devoid of witnesses, most frustrating, circus in history. If you look closely enough, you'll be able to see Dershowitz and Starr's floppy clown shoes. Think the O. J. trial, without the bloody gloves. This trial is shaping up to be nothing more than a sham/spectacle along party lines, which is just what Trump wants it to be, the ultimate unreal reality show.

And, the 'rules' set up by Mitch McConnel are an insult to our intelligence. No witnesses, late nights so nobody will be watching, etc, what a slap in the face to both our common sense, and transparency. Trump keeps saying he has nothing to hide. Well, if that's true, why all the effort to keep people from testifying? Innocent people don't go to extraordinary lengths to keep people from telling what they know. With a 'trial' such as this, they'd be better off saving taxpayer money, but then that's another thing the Republicans no longer give a shit about.

Author Notes
What a joke
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