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 Category:  General Poetry
  Posted: February 5, 2020      Views: 27

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Rob Cullen has been writing for around thirty five years. To date he's completed eight novels, with two published.

The Ultimate Betrayal was published in 2014 by G and J Publishing and is still available through Kindle, Smashwords and - more...

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The tragic tale of Old Fred the prairie cook
"Old Freddie" by bob cullen
Old Freddie

I have been a bushie all my life and I've roped a beast or two
Survived starvation in tough times by eating uncooked kangaroo
It wasn't quite as tender as a juicy cut of a round rump steak
Followed up if we were good by a real big chocolate milk shake
But my best memory will always be Freddie the old French frog
He was as dodgy as a drover had a dachshund as his dog

Old Freddie was our roustabout he claimed to be a first class cook
Said he never needed no school he learned his skills from a book
The book was the Khama Sutra he studied it every day
Then he used to take the cowgirl out for a long roll in the hay
With a bottle of French champagne or some other cheap type of grog
He was as dodgy as a drover had a dachshund as his dog

Old Freddie had a heart of gold his fav'rite meal was a pot stew
When the old pussy cat went missing no one thought but they all knew
Puss cat had gone to heaven everyone shed a tear for her
They all enjoyed the hot dinner until they came upon some fur
When Freddie left our crew we kept searching for his computer blog
He was as dodgy as a drover had a dachshund as his dog

We never heard from Fred again some say he returned home to France
Broken-hearted and alone the cowgirl had ended their romance
And those nights out on the prairie they would never be the same
Without his pussy and his girl old Freddie's life had lost its flame
One night old Freddie went missing he just disappeared in dense fog
He was dodgy as a drover had a dachshund as his dog

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