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 Category:  Mystery and Crime Fiction
  Posted: February 23, 2020      Views: 7

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Chapter 1 of the book The chef who went missing
Chapter one from Natasha's point of view
"Natasha" by Unmie Dawn

This is the story of a man. One who worked as a chef by day, and online for the black market by night. I worked with this man as a chef in training, until the day he went missing. Everyone knew he dealt with the online black market, we just didn't know what he did. Then the day he invited me to dinner and I saw his true colors for the first time.

It all started when he and I were joking around while working. He got hired about four months before I did. He was annoying as can be, and yet there was a comfort in his annoying behavior. Work just didn't seem like work with out him being talkative and no one to swing insults back and fourth with. He was charming too, in a sadistic sorta way.

He and I were chatting away one day before a lunch shift. I was preparing side salads, he was getting fish ready to be baked. He walked behind me and I turned to go put a tray of salads in the walk in, and then I ran into him by accident. My tray of side salads went all over the floor and glass plates were shattered everywhere! I froze in shock for a moment, then finally collected myself. I apologized and tried to step around him to grab the broom to sweet up the mess. He stopped me by gently grabbing my hand, "Don't worry about it Natasha, I will clean it up. You need to get those salads redone for lunch rush."

I nod and feel a heavy blush rising to my cheeks. I step around him and start walk to the walk in to grab some more iceberg lettuce heads to chop up. I stop realizing I have not yet thanked him. I turn and look at him, "Thank you, Andrew, for your help." With that I turn and head to the walk with the rising heat of a deep scarlet blush reaching my cheeks.

Author Notes
This is chapter one for a new book inspired by my coworker who works 2 jobs. One in the kitchen with me, and the second online car racing. He made me mad the other day and I told him to expect a murder novel about him. So, here it comes. Tell me what you think of chapter one!
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