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 Category:  Biographical Non-Fiction
  Posted: March 6, 2020      Views: 63
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Retired on Disability since 1997. Married to the same girl for more than 30 years. No kids sadly but still happy together. I am a Born again Blood Bought Bible Believing Christian. Some would say 'Bible Basher or Thumper,' but still a work in - more...

He is an accomplished novelist and is currently at the #31 spot on the rankings.

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This work has reached the exceptional level

Chapter 20 of the book Geoff's Ramblings
Things are improving -back to walks!
"Mixed 2020 Ramble Number 3!" by Sankey

More of my own rambles thanks to the great idea from Sasha.

I noticed I did another ramble before the one I called Number 1 for 2020. So this might be the third one for 2020, already. Thanks to Sasha for the idea of Rambles. I started these as an addition to my autobiography and perhaps when the biography gets published I might add this little collection as a bonus gift.

I am so pleased that the cancer wound is healing up pretty well on my head. That goes for the graft site off my right leg as well. I will go for the first appointment at the Radiotherapy Clinic on March 11th. (10th in the USA.) Louise is coming with me in her Powerchair and we are going to try out the brand new lifts that have been added to Kingswood railway station. We are trying to save money on the wheelchair taxi and the bus we normally catch to the hospital does not come anywhere near the Radiotherapy Clinic. Thankfully, it will not be much of a walk from Kingswood Station to the clinic.

After some hassles getting a nurse to come to the house to re-dress my head wound, (seeing I don't drive anymore) we are so grateful that is now sorted. Between the nurse coming Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to do my head wound and the Radiotherapy schedule I will find out about on the 11th, it may mean I don't get many opportunities to be "out and about" again at least until they have no need to re-dress my head anymore. Radiotherapy will be four times a week for four weeks and as we have now learned, will involve bus both ways and the train in between both ways for the sixteen sessions, taking up a lot of time and not really allowing me any "self" time for a while.

We have talked about my Gluten-Free dietary pathway a few times. One of my particular delights in Gluten-Free cereals is the Keep It Cleaner Rice Porridge. While the cost is enormous and I only get 2 breakfasts out of each pack of four sachets. it is still a favourite breakfast since I quit Gluten cereals. Many years ago in the old Rolled Oats porridge days, I used brown sugar on my porridge. As a Type 2 Diabetic as well as Coeliac (Aussie spelling) it is a real battle these days, seeing a lot of Gluten-Free cereal is also full of sugar.

I now use a new product called "Logicane" sugar. Explained further it is Low Glucose Index or Low GI meaning much better than ordinary sugar for diabetics, especially. Another pleasure I have is adding sultanas to my Gluten-Free rice porridge. I never ever thought I would be adding any fruit to porridge, in all the years I have been a porridge lover. But the sultanas just finish everything off, including almond milk in the preparation of the porridge. Not forgetting that little bit of salt to bring out the flavour even more.

I mention all this to make a final point. Sugar in whatever form and sultanas even in the boxes attract ANTS! We have had a real problem with ants in our house for ages. Even recent spreading of ant-killer powder around the outside of the house has not achieved a whole lot in the removal department. We have taken to putting the Logicane (see the green plastic bag inside) and the packets of sultanas in ziplock bags to keep the ants away. So far so good.


Author Notes
Pictures detail:1. My latest Skin Cancer wound on my head, healing up nicely.
2. Old and new graft site on my leg, the latter healing up nicely now and no longer needing dressing, just Vitamin E or Sorbolene Cream, applied twice daily.
3. Sultanas and Logicane in ziplock bags to keep the ants away.
4. and 5. more walks now I am back at it.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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